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I have to admit it. Sometimes, specially when traveling, I don’t have the time to have a full 1 hour workout at the gym. For days like that, I need a routine that is quick but, effective. I love working out my butt because I feel that it kind of shapes my whole body. It creates symmetry and helps with good posture too. So, do this 10 min butt workout from the comfort of your home and start shaping those lower cheeks.

Ayurveda fitness plan


  • 20 Plop Squats
  • 15 Air Squats
  • 12 Plop lunges – Each side
  • 60 sec squat holds
  • 15 donkey kicks

Repeat 2 times. ( You will need dumbbells or filled bottles of water)


Plop Squats: It is pretty similar to a regular jumping squat, but the difference is that your starting position will always be close stance and then you go wide on the jump. Then, repeat.

Air Squats: This might be deceiving as it seems super easy. But, it is not. It is just a regular squat, with no weights. Keep back straight and core tight. And engage completely those glutes when coming up and down.

Plop Lunges: This is one of my fav variation to any exercise. You are basically doing an stationary lunge but once you do one, instead of coming all the way up you repeat it one more time. That counts as just one rep. Do all reps with one leg first and them move to the other side. It will leave you burning!

Squat Holds: If you are just starting working out, then lean on a wall. Put all the tension on your butt and hamstrings. Keep your core tight and breath. To intensify the movement don’t lean on a wall but be mindful of your posture.

Donkey Kicks: Staring in an all 4 position, place one dumbell of filled bottle of water behind your knee. Keep your leg at a 90 degree angle. Flex your right feet and take it as far as it can go. Then go back and repeat. Do all reps with one leg first.

Up Next: Check my Yorkout (Workout and Yoga) for stronger shoulders.

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