Acne Mapping and the Causes of Breakouts

by Monica Gisella
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According to Ayurveda, acne appears when there is an underlying Pitta aggravation. Processed food, dehydration, alcohol, estres, and even dairy can irritate and breakout the skin.

Unfortunately, there is little we can do if we can’t pinpoint the real cause. And that’s when face mapping comes in handy. When we understand the actions that are leading us to have bad skin, we can take take the right steps, and know more about ourselves.

This week’s blog is about identifying the source of acne on our face and get some tips to get rid of it. For good.

Acne Mapping

If you have ever felt your skin feels like a war zone, it is a must to find out why.

Acne can leave you feeling hopeless and with severe low self-esteem. I know because I’ve had one too many episodes where I didn’t want anybody to see me. I felt “worthless” and spent countless hours with masks on my face trying to solve a problem that was more internal than external. But, I didn’t know that. So, I wasted my time with remedies that didn’t work for my type of breakout and in the process gained countless marks.

It took a while to figure it out.

My problem was hormonal. I understood the importance of balancing my dominant dosha at that time (Pitta) for a healthier skin. I learned that Pitta relates to skin conditions and noticed I was doing the wrong things or eating the wrong foods which aggravated my face even more.

My first advice is to turn to Ayurveda for living a life that truly balances your skin, based on your constitution.

But, face mapping can help too. Let’s see how each area in the face can tell a different story about acne.


When acne shows on your forehead, your liver and gallbladder might be compromised or maybe a hair product is causing you that reaction. Either way, help your liver do its job by eating green vegetables and fruits and drinking plenty of water (add some lime and cucumber slices to it to reduce the Pitta fire). Also, avoid processed foods, excess fat, sugar, and dairy. If you are already eating well and using the same hair products, then the cause might be stress and insufficient sleep.


Acne on this area suggests an unbalanced kidney, stomach, or spleen. Add organic green juices which are fantastic for Pitta conditions. Also, avoid alcohol, coffee, and smoking. Hormones can also affect this zone. In fact, changes in your hormones, your cycle, a pregnancy, PCOS can affect breakouts in between brows by overproducing sebum.


Your heart might be giving you a red flag when your nose breaks out. It might be an issue with your blood pressure or blood flow. Try not to smoke or overwork. You can heal your heart by lowering cholesterol, eating less salt, adding healthy fats in the form of nuts, seeds, and wild fish, avoiding spicy foods-no mexican!- and taking things slower. Make sure you cleanse your face every night, before going to bed, and frequently wash your makeup sponges and brushes.


This area is connected to your respiratory system. Make sure you practice pranayama, go outside and breath fresh air, and workout. In addition, wipe down your phone every day, sleep on clean pillowcases, stop smoking, and avoid caffeine.


Inflammation and liver problems are evidenced on this type of breakout, as well as hormonal issues. It is common for women to get pimples in this area around their menses. Make sure you revise your diet and avoid inflammatory foods like dairy and gluten. Pay attention to your elimination, maybe you can add Triphala to your routine to become regular. Don’t over exercise and eat at 70% – 75% your capacity.

Where do you often breakout?

Happy Healing!

Monica Gisella xx

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