An Ayurvedic Bath Ritual for Valentine’s Day

by Monica Gisella
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Today, let’s take the opportunity to indulge in a sensorial Ayurvedic Bath Ritual for Valentine’s Day to cleanse our heart chakra.

Augment our energetic vibration with feelings of deep love and trust.

Validate our emotional pain…

and establishing a spacious and genuine connection with our inner self.

All in the name of love.

Ayurvedic Bath Ritual for Valentine's Day

We all have a multitude of discreet subpersonalities that reside within our emotional body.

For Valentine’s day, we will focus on our sexual self.

The work is to serve, with undivided attention, that internal aspect, which is hungry for our recognition.

As it has an unique set of needs, fears, and trauma; we need to provide it with the support, acknowledgement, compassion, and love it longs for.

This Ayurvedic bath ritual for love day can help us achieve the essential understanding of our sexuality, process undigested painful emotions, and feel deserving of pure love. In addition to getting abundant relaxation for body and mind.

Let’s begin.


  • Journal and pencil
  • White, pink, red candles
  • Rose petals. The more, the better. Pink, red, and white.
  • Lavender, chamomile, or rose petal cup of tea
  • Honey or maple syrup to taste
  • Soft music
  • Lavender, vanilla, or other sweet fragrance incense sticks
  • Rose quartz
  • 2 cups of almond / coconut milk (liquid or powder)
  • 11 drops of lavender essential oil
  • 11 drops of rose essential oil


These are the steps for the most sensual and healing bath you can think of for Valentine’s.

Journal first

Prepare your mind for what’s to come.

Light a white candle and then write about what is hurting you on an emotional, romantic love, and sexual level. Feel free to write to your old self how you are feeling and how validated those feelings are. Express the fears, the pain, the trauma; and promise yourself in that letter that healing will occur. Then, burn those negative emotions written and let them go.

Now, write slowly the answers to these questions:

What do I love about myself?

What is beautiful about me?

What am I grateful for?

What parts of myself am I still working on loving?

How appreciative of my sexuality am I?

Keep this letter in a safe place and return to it everytime you feel negative emotions reigning in your head.

Heart chakra meditation

Now, sit or lay down comfortably and center your attention on your heart chakra or Anahata, in the center of your chest. Deeply inhale and exhale. When you inhale, imagine a green or pink energy in the middle of your chest.

Bright. Pure. Beautiful.

Visualize how it grows and converts into self -love and self-compassion. Feel how worthy of this virtuous energy you are.

Continue until you feel it’s time to take your bath. No rush.

Open your eyes and set your intention. Say it mentally and repeat it out loud.

Dear Universe: I am ready to process these feelings that have blocked my sexual self. I vow to open my heart to love and compassion. I deserve to love and feel loved physically and emotionally.

The vibes

Create an energetic environment that attracts love and all that is good by playing soft music. Preferably without lyrics.

Light pink, white, and red candles.

Light rose, lavender, cinnamon or vanilla incense sticks. Appreciate the sweet aromas.

Have handy rose quartz, known as the crystal of unconditional love.

Prepare a cup of lavender, chamomile, or rose petal tea. Add a bit of honey or maple syrup to taste.

These steps will call upon the qualities of healing and love you want to nurture: sweetness, softness, calmness, purity, and sensuality.

Ayurvedic Bath Ritual for Valentine's Day

The sensual milk bath

Prepare your bath with warm water, and just when it’s ready add 2 cups of almond or coconut milk (liquid or powder) and fresh rose petals, 11 drops of lavender essential oil, and 11 drops of rose essential oil.

Now, feel like the queen Cleopatra entering into the bath.

Young, gorgeous, sensual, and sexual.

Soak all the harmony and tenderness you have created for yourself. Be there, completely. It is your time.

Enjoy for at least 20 minutes.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Sending you lots of love…

Monica Gisella xx

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