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Ayurveda and Sex

There are three pillars of health in Ayurveda: Diet, Sleep, and Sex.

Greater vitality, creativity, and the health of the nervous system is the result of having a balanced sexual life.

However, it doesn’t look the same for all doshas. Vata, Pitta, and Kapha have unique sexual characteristics.

We will be exploring those today.

Ayurveda and Sex


Sexual energy is the most powerful energy.

It is the foundation of mind and body.

It can also transform into our creativity and facilitate our spiritual evolution.

According to Ayurveda, to maintain physical and mental health we must have a balanced sexual life, as most diseases and psychological problems involve the wrong use of our sexuality.

Negative feelings toward sex include guilt and shame, meaning that with Ayurveda we are empowered to embrace our sexuality, and share it with the one we love, unapologetically.

However, excessive sexual activity can aggravate Vata and Pitta doshas and weaken our immune system.

Sex without love disturbs our emotions and depletes us from Prana or life force.

Masturbation is also the cause of diseases since it does not offer the necessary energy exchange that occurs when we make love with other people, resulting in unbalances in the system. It provokes Vata dosha, and over-stimulates the imagination, making us vulnerable to bad astral energies.


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  1. Refrain from sexual activity when a partner is having her period.
  2. Only have sex when your private parts are clean and healthy to prevent infections and STDs.
  3. Be loyal to your partner. Infidelity damages the bond that is sacred between two people.
  4. Avoid having sex during pregnancy.
  5. Make love in ways that sooth your soul and heart. Avoid violence.
  6. Don’t have sex when sick, as the healing energy your body needs can be further depleted.
  7. Don’t have sex when you feel the need to eliminate.

Vata Sexuality

Vata folks can be the most interested in sex; however, they have the lowest vitality and stamina for it. Since having orgasms is depleting, Vata types should have less sex and with less frequency than stronger constitutions.

Besides, Vata is characterized by dryness, which is a quality that can be increased when engaging in too much sexual activity.

Vata people are erratic, tend to change partners easily, and are very romantic. They need to be grounded and have stability. Therefore, the best lovers for Vata are calming and loving. Kapha types are great partners because they are naturally nourishing and supporting.

*To arouse a Vata

To arouse a Vata, you need warm oil, old-fashioned courtship rituals and plenty of mental and physical foreplay to stimulate their minds — they can get very creative in bed!

Despite their preference for unconventionality, Vata individuals do better with traditional values and routines. They’re likely to find sex more fulfilling when encounters are planned.

Vatas long for romance, beauty, and creative expression, so make them feel at home by showing them how much you really care.


  • To decrease dryness in the body and replenish your tissues, add to your diet ghee, chia seeds, and plenty of other healthy fats.
  • Eliminate dry foods like potato chips and bread.
  • Avoid having sexual activity in the fall, when Vata gets aggravated and reproductive secretions are low.
  • Follow a pacifying Vata diet

Pitta Sexuality

Pittas are hot, hot, hot!

They have piercing eyes that show their sexual desire, and place a lot of attention on good looks and visual details.

Their skin is super sensitive! Pitta types are instinctively sexual beings, seeking intense sex more than the other doshas.

They love the drama and passion that comes with sex and being the center of attention.

When their dominant dosha is Pitta and their subdominant dosha is Vata, they must learn to calm their desire.

They need partners with whom they can achieve a common cause. Although they benefit from being with Kapha lovers to cool them down, they still need to have fire and passion in the bedroom.

*To arouse a Pitta

To arouse a Pitta, go fancy. Select nice lingerie, romantically decorated intimate settings, and sweet, delicious scents and perfumes. Take care of your nails, hair, and teeth. Nothing puts away a Pitta like bad breath or not being groomed enough.

Different settings and experiences, more than a planned encounter, is good to seduce a Pitta, as they are always the dominating type and want to control every situation. Spontaneity can let them increase their ability of letting go their need to be in charge.


  • When Pitta is out of control, follow a strict anti-pitta diet.
  • Avoid red meat.
  • Try not to have a lot of sex in the summer, as it is especially depleting for this constitution and can make you accumulate excess hear in the body.
  • Cool down your body with coconut water, sweet and juicy fresh fruits, and raw vegetables.
  • After sex, engage in cooling and calming activities like cuddling and saying sweet things to your partner.

Kapha Sexuality

Kapha individuals have usually a moderate interest in sex; however, they have the vitality and stamina to engage in sexual pleasures.

They are sweet, loyal, and loving. In bed, they are calm and gentle.

Nevertheless, they get attached easily and are often clingy and possessive.

They need a stimulating energy in their lives, especially as they can become boring, slow, and lethargic when not motivated. And so, their partners are ideally Vata or Pitta people.

Kaphas tend to suffer from weight problems, like obesity. Loosing excess weight is always a good idea to improve their sexual ability and increase their libido.

Family life is most important for them. They are the best dosha to sustain a happy marriage and a healthy sexual life with just one partner.

*To arouse a Kapha

Making them feel connected, desired, and loved is a must to increase their earthy sensuality. Stimulating music, aromas, and touch can get them aroused and engaged in the moment.


  • Follow an anti-Kapha diet.
  • Adhere to an Intermittent Fasting schedule to improve your digestion and lose weight.
  • To avoid lack of energy and lethargy, reduce the intake of dairy.
  • Discuss with an Ayurveda Consultant if taking Triphala is appropriate for your current state of health. Triphala can help get rid of toxins and promote weight loss.
  • Have a consistent exercise routine, minimum 5 days a week.

To support a fulfilling sex life, make sure you are also practicing yoga to strengthen your legs and core and increase the libido. While doing the poses, it is important to breathe deeply and make a connection with your heart and every movement.

Practicing yoga with your partner is always good to create a stronger bong of love, trust, and non-verbal communication.

Understanding your body type and your lover’s goes beyond cooking the right foods with the right spices. This knowledge can nourish your sex life by being aware of the unique and wonderful differences between both of you.

With Ayurveda, we learn that sex starts way before getting in bed with our lover. Love, desire, and intimacy can be built from the moment we wake up in the morning and tell them how much we appreciate their presence.

For a fulfilling, and loving life!

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