The Perfect Ayurveda 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

by Monica Gisella
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The holidays are just around the corner and you might be wondering what to give to that special person in your life who is into Ayurveda or just becoming aware of living a healthier lifestyle.

Look no more. Today, I will show you in this Ayurveda 2020 Holiday Gift Guide what to buy them to show all your love and appreciation.

The best part? It will be such an unique and creative gift that they will feel you were really thinking about them when you chose it.

What is their dosha?

One of the most important Ayurvedic principles is that we are not all the same, but unique individuals who require special considerations.

There are three doshas in Ayurveda: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha; and even though we all have a little of each within us, one of them normally dominates our body and mind.

To give your friend the perfect gift, you must first determine their dominant dosha.

Maybe they’ve mentioned it in an afternoon coffee date? If you have no clue, then try to answer this quiz for them and find out.



Okay. Now that you know your special person is Vata, Pitta, or Kapha, let’s find their perfect gift.


If your friend is Vata, they are creative, flexible, and adaptable. They love to travel, have a great sense of human unity, and a positive spirit. They are always cold and would benefit from grounding practices. Choose from these thoughtful gifts to keep your loved one nice and balanced:

Leg Warmers

Vata is a dosha that tends to suffer from cold, so this is the perfect gift to keep them warm during the coldest season!

Ayurveda 2020 Holiday Gift Guide


Whenever your loved one is feeling frazzled, anxious or scattered, she can use these precious ayurvedic candles made with lavender and lemongrass essential oils to promote their deep relaxation.

Ayurveda 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Meditation Rings

Vatas are one of the most absent-minded persons you’ll ever meet. They need to be grounded, and meditation offers that much needed relaxation and stillness to their minds. These rings provide them with meditation instructions at any moment they might need to quiet their thoughts. And they are super cute!

Ayurveda 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Office Zen Garden

If your loved one works long hours in front of a computer, then this cute zen garden is the best gift to choose. Being exposed too much to electronics makes their mind even more spacy, therefore, they need a grounding force in their workplace. This one has blue calcite stone from Mexico which is said to soothe frayed nerves and lessen anxiety.


If your significant other is Pitta they are great leaders, intelligent, and sharp. But, you probably know they tend to have a short temper and to be controlling! Try one of these great creative gifts from this Ayurveda 2020 Holiday Gift Guide to keep them calm and happy.

Meditation Set

Meditating and applying mindfulness can better equip your friend to react to stressful situation in a measured way. This set will motivate them to start – or finish- their day with a meditation practice that will soothe and relax them.

Ayurveda 2020 Holiday Gift Guide


Pearls are a great option if you want to pacify a Pitta aggravated friend. They are cooling and have a corresponding energy with the moon.

Ayurveda 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Water Fountain

Nothing is as soothing and tranquilizing as the sound of water. It will make sure Pitta’s internal heat is reduced. This beautiful riverstone water fountain can be placed on their desktop so they can listen to it while dealing with everyday stress.

Ayurveda 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Incense holder

Incense is a beautiful way to bring sweetness and contentment to Pitta individuals. Make your gift even more special by adding a set of hand-made lavender incense sticks!

Ayurveda 2020 Holiday Gift Guide


Kapha individuals are loving and compassionate. They have such big hearts! They tend, however, to be sluggish and sedentary. This Ayurveda 2020 Holiday Gift Guide will give you great ideas for what might be the perfect choice to help them increase their energy levels and be more determined.

Cat’s eye

This is a magnificent gift to give to your loved one. Cat’s eye stone, according to Ayurveda, brings warm to the damp and cold bodies of Kapha people.

Resistance band set

To that friend that doesn’t seem to decide whether to workout or not, why not buying her this cute set of bands to workout from home? Well, they can be used from the gym as well. And the orange colors are just perfect for this body type.

Ayurveda 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Frankincense essential oil

Frankincense is one of the best essential oils for Kaphas. It is stimulating and cleansing!

Copper tongue scraper

This fancy scraper will help motivate your friend to have a morning routine that includes a very important step: remove ama or toxins from the tongue. The copper is antimicrobial, has the ability to self clean, and doesn’t need to be replaced!

Ayurveda 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

If you are into Ayurveda, you probably loved one of those, right?

My favorite was the jewelry pieces! What was yours?

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