The Perfect Ayurveda 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

by Monica Gisella
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The holiday season is here!!! YAY!

But, if you are like me, we often run out of ideas on what to give to our special people.

I mean, they have everything, right?

Well, there is always a way to enhance their lives.

I’ll discuss in this Ayurveda Holiday Gift Guide how to show your love and appreciation with items that can really make an impact in the well-being of those you love.

Ayurveda Holiday Gift Guide
Why not give the gift of good health?

Ayurveda Style

Ayurveda is the oldest healing science.

In Sanskrit, it literally means The Science of Life.

Or better yet, as Dr. David Frawley puts it: “Ayurveda is not just the science of life. It is the science of immortality. It teaches us wellness and harmony of body and mind to take us to our eternal essence as the Self of all”.

Ayurveda places its focus on prevention of disease, in contrast with the modern way of handling it only after we get sick. By maintaining our health with the right diet, lifestyle, thinking, and relationships, we can create sustainable balance and happiness.

That’s why in this holiday gift guide, we will use an Ayurvedic approach.

Because the best present we can offer is the gift of health.

Watch this video to learn more about this inspiring way of living our lives.

What is their dosha?

Ayurvedic knowledge enables us to create balance of body, mind, and emotions through the proper use of food, herbs, and lifestyle.

Nevertheless, we are not all created equal.

Understanding our own individual constitution is one of the most important Ayurvedic principles, as we are unique individuals who require special considerations.

There are three doshas (constitutions) in Ayurveda: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha; and even though we all have a little of each within us, one of them normally dominates the body and mind.

Whether you are new to Ayurveda — or your loved one is — discovering their body/mental type is the first step to give them the perfect gift.

Perhaps they’ve mentioned it in an afternoon coffee date?

If you have no clue, worry not. Just answer my quiz and identify their dosha in just a few minutes to find the right present in my Ayurveda Holiday Gift Guide.

Find Their Dosha

Quiz in Spanish

Okay. Now that you know your special person’s body type, let’s find their perfect gift.



Vata people are creative, flexible, and adaptable.

This dosha is most prominent in the fall and winter, and at the change of seasons.

When feeling good, they love to travel, have a great sense of human unity, and a positive spirit.

However, when they are aggravated, they tend to talk, think, and walk fast. They also get easily fatigued, and are unstable, restless, and fearful.

Vatas tend to get cold, and their appetite is variable. Hence, they benefit from grounding practices.

We all become more Vata as we age, which is noticeable in the drying and wrinkling of the tissues.

Choose from these thoughtful gifts to keep your loved one balanced:

Leg Warmers — US$49

Vata is a dosha that tends to suffer from cold, so these leg warmers are the perfect gift to keep them warm during the coldest season.

I also like the crimson color, which is great to pacify Vata.

Ayurveda Holiday Gift Guide

Heart Chakra Candle — US$13

Whenever your loved one is feeling frazzled, anxious or scattered, they can use this precious ayurvedic candle made with grounding sandalwood and warm vanilla to promote their deep relaxation.

Meditation Rings — US$56

Vatas are one of the most absent-minded persons you’ll ever meet. They need to be grounded, and meditation offers that much-needed relaxation and stillness to their minds. These meditation rings provide them with instructions at any moment they might need to quiet their thoughts. And they are super cute!

Office Zen Garden — US$27

If your loved one works long hours in front of a computer, then this cute zen garden is the best gift to choose. Being exposed too much to electronics makes their mind even more spacey; therefore, they need a grounding force in their workplace. This one has wood, sand, and rock, all grounding materials to soothe frayed nerves and lessen anxiety.

Sweet Almond Oil — US$25

This organic almond oil is fantastic to leave Vata dry skin feeling silky and hydrated. I know fancy and expensive face creams are often chosen, but oils are a more natural way to improve the condition of the skin. They have no chemicals and are deeply moistening.


Pittas are great leaders, intelligent, and sharp.

But, you probably know they tend to have a short temper and to be controlling!

When out of balance, they become agitated and jealous. They have a pretty strong metabolism, good digestion, and strong appetites.

Try one of these great creative gifts from this Ayurveda Holiday Gift Guide to keep them calm and happy.

Meditation Set — US$99

Meditating and applying mindfulness can better equip your friend/lover to react to a stressful situation in a more measured way. This meditation set will motivate them to start — or finish — their day with a practice that will soothe and relax them.

Ayurveda Holiday Gift Guide

Freshwater Pearl Earrings — US$14

Pearls are a great option if you want to pacify a Pitta aggravated girlfriend. They are cooling and have a corresponding energy with the moon. These earrings have a triple pearl drop, black, gray, and white on silver hooks, which is also a great metal for Pitta dosha.

Water Fountain — US$91

Nothing is as soothing and tranquilizing as the sound of water. It will help reduce Pitta’s internal heat. This beautiful hand-made indoor water fountain can be placed on their desktop, so they can listen to it while dealing with everyday stress.

Palo Santo and Incense Holder — US$32

Incense is a great way to promote sweetness and contentment in Pitta individuals. Palo Santo also brings peace and calmness to any room and place. This is a wonderful set, perfect for Pitta dosha. Make your gift even more special by adding a bunch of hand-made lavender incense sticks!

Essential Oil Bracelet — US$24

Made with Amazonite, a calming gemstone, this essential oil bracelet can relieve anxiety and clear away negative thoughts and blockages. It opens Heart & Throat Chakras and helps with communication, relationships and speaking your truth. You can use it as an aromatherapy tool when you drip essential oils into the black lava stones.


Kapha individuals are loving and compassionate.

They have big hearts!

They tend, however, to be sluggish and sedentary. Moreover, they gain weight easily, yet tend to avoid exercise.

This Ayurveda Holiday Gift Guide will give you great ideas to help them increase their energy levels and be more determined.

Cat’s Eye — US$99

This is a magnificent gift to give to your Kapha loved one. Cat’s eye stone, according to Ayurveda, brings warm to the damp and cold bodies of Kapha people.

Healed & Sexy Ayurvedic Program — US$100-US$160

With this Ayurvedic program, Your Kapha friend will be able to start living a healthier lifestyle, lose weight, and feel their best. It includes Intermittent Fasting, Ayurvedic menus, exercise guides, personalized consultations, progress monitoring, and more!

Resistance Band Set — US$20

To that friend who doesn’t seem to decide whether to exercise or not, why not buying them this cute set of bands to workout from home?

Frankincense Essential Oil — US$36

Frankincense is one of the best essential oils for Kaphas. It is stimulating and cleansing!

Ayurveda Holiday Gift Guide

Copper Tongue Scraper — US$12.50

This fancy scraper will help motivate your friend to have a morning routine that includes an essential step: remove ama or toxins from the tongue. The copper is antimicrobial, has the ability to self clean, and doesn’t need to be replaced!

I hope this list helps you find a unique gift for your significant other!

Let me know which idea was your favorite 🙂

Start my Ayurveda Transformation Program to feel and look better than ever.

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