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What would our life be like if our bodies were not designed to rebuild and heal?

COVID-19 has for sure shaken up our lives, yet there is no better time to start healthy habits than now!

Healthy habits that are based on the wisdom of alternative medicines like Ayurveda.

Which takes into consideration your mind-body-soul trinity.

With no side effects.

Today, you will learn the Ayurveda view on coronavirus and be able to use the intuitive suggestions shown here.

They will support the regeneration and healing of your body.

I have not lived more weird times than COVID-19.

The confusion, uncertainty, and fear are without precedent.

And if you are anything like me -with a Pitta/Vata constitution – you know the levels of anxiety are getting extra intensified. COVID-19 has brought it all.

On top of the economic, political, and social upheaval we are more than ever looking for ways to be healthy.

We are kinda trying not to die. Harsh but, at least this is how I’m feeling.

Thank God for Ayurveda and the wisdom it offers on Coronavirus! Because, it gives us practical, simple, and effective ways to stay healthy during the pandemic.


Epidemics are not a new hot topic for Ayurveda.

In fact, Ayurveda believes the role that microorganisms play in communicable diseases is important but, it still places great value on our constitution and the Doshas in the occurrence of disease and its management.

According to Ayurveda, factors such as diet, lifestyle, air quality, and state of mind are what determine Dosha vitiation and this in turn is directly related to the occurrence of disease.

Ayurveda Constitution Test to get started preventing COVID-19

The Charaka Samhita, one of the foundational Sanskrit texts on Indian Traditional Medicine, explains that we are not solely at the mercy of the microorganism responsible for the epidemic. According to this study, the ancient Ayurvedic text, “describes that the role of Vayu (air), Udak (Water), Desha (soil & area), Kala (Time) are the factors responsible for Janapadodhwansha – epidemics.”

Now, this is important.

Why? Because we can directly affect the effects of COVID-19 on our bodies.

We can prevent it from happening by having healthier diets and lifestyles.

Check this out.

This article on COVID-19 and Ayurveda, from The Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine, says that there is a LOT of potential in using Ayurvedic measures for the treatment and prevention of the novel virus. In fact, they mention that it might be able to reduce the impact of the symptoms in severe cases.

Interestingly Janapadodhwansha means “annihilation of society” a characteristic pretty noticeable these days.


COVID-19 is a disease that mostly affects our respiratory system – Pranavaha Srotas – and if you have watched the news you know three of the most common symptoms are:

  • Dry cough
  • Fever
  • Difficulty breathing.

However, we have also heard of the loss of smell and taste senses – Anosmia – which according to Ayurveda, maybe due to congested channels in our body and tends to gather in the respiratory system, including the nose and the throat.

One way of understanding the virus is that the fever that it gives rise to, has prevalence on the mucus formed, and through that heat the mucous becomes dry and obstructs the channels of the Pranavaha srotas.

Thus dry cough and anosmia are likely a manifestation of the disease.

A possible reason for the dry caught and loss of smell and taste in Coronavirus is fever

So, what’s the solution?

By understanding how the disease works it’s easier to take preventive actions against it.

Like everything with Ayurveda, it needs to first make sense to take appropriate measures.

Now, let’s focus on what to do.


These are a few of the best tips Ayurveda can provide us to either prevent COVID-19 or help someone we know open their channels, strengthen their agni, and fight the disease.

Strengthen your AGNI

Kitchari Tridoshic Recipe

Your AGNI or digestive fire is a key factor in being healthy.

As Dr. Claudia Welch beautifully explains, “When agni is healthy, the bodily tissues are more likely to be healthy”. I would add: “even during a pandemic of such magnitude as Coronavirus”

To do this you need to have a good digestion which is fostered by homemade meals that are simple. For example, Kitchari a recipe made of rice and lentils or mung dal can be a great addition to our diet.

I would also recommend to eat foods that are in alignment with your Dosha. Whether you are Vata, Pitta, Kapha or a combination of them, you need to eat accordingly. This helps avoid foods that weaken your agni and favor the ones the boost your immunity and strength.

Vegetables and fruits are always good. Also, cereals like quinoa, barley, amaranth, oats, and basmati rice cooked with a little bit of healthy oils.


Because Coronavirus still promotes mucus formation, please avoid iced beverages, milk, and yogurt.

The solution is simple. Avoid dairy foods since they aggravate Kapha dosha which in turn produces more mucus.


More mucus means more stagnation in the body channels.

Another fantastic drink is ginger tea. My advice is to sip it – preferably prepared with fresh grated ginger – throughout the day. I know getting the root is sometimes difficult. Case in point: Instacart hasn’t delivered it in a couple of weeks. So, the best second option is dry ginger. Because, why not?

Third idea. Drink warm water with a freshly squeezed lemon first thing in the morning. It helps with cleansing your digestive system, prepping it for the work ahead, and detoxifying your body.

Practice SWEDANA

Swedana is simply sweat therapy.

Make no mistake, this is a fabulous tool for the early treatment and prevention of nasal, sinus, or chest congestion.

It can be localized. This is what I am doing once per week to keep my respiratory channels open. I take a pot of hot water and add to it eucalyptus oil or Triphala, or fresh grated ginger. I then put my head over the steaming pot, and cover my head with towel, forming a tent. I do this sweating therapy for about 10 minutes. Not only I feel my sinuses and throat cleaner afterwords, but my skin looks clearer.

Swedana can also be generalized or aimed for the whole body.

Like a hot bath or steaming shower. Whatever the case, make sure you are consulting with an Ayurveda practitioner what type of sweating treatment is best for your current state of health, dosha, and symptoms.

Have a healthy DINACHARYA

You don’t want to miss this part.

Your daily routine is the core of a healthy living. What you do everyday becomes your habits. And your habits become your life.

Dinacharya requires a whole article to go really deep into what entails a healthy routine, based on your unique constitution.

But, for the purposes of COVID-19, let’s just say this. Amids a global pandemic that is putting our lives upside down, more than ever we need to grab with both our hands the lifesaver “dinacharya”.

But, what does it mean?

To start, you should be waking up and going to bed at the same time. Same for eating times.

Meditation, pranayama, cleansing of tongue, elimination, and exercise should all happen before taking a shower and having breakfast.


These are some of the herbs that Ayurveda recommends for the prevention/treatment of COVID-19:

  • Tulsi – Also known as holy basil. It combats respiratory ailments.
  • Amalaki – Used to boost the immune system and promote longevity.
  • Triphala – My everyday herb. It helps protect against chronic diseases.
  • Pippali – Used for lung and respiratory problems. Also improves digestion.
  • Ginger – It strengthens Agni. And as we have seen, a strong agni means better protection against COVID-19.

Amazing, isn’t it?

With Ayurveda we can stay healthy. We can thrive. We can live in alignment with nature.

And keep our loved ones healthy too.

Even in the middle of a world pandemic.

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Stay healthy! XX

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