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With these two effective Ayurvedic Remedies to Reduce Fever, you will be able to decrease the high body temperature and burning sensation which are present in many Pitta conditions. Pitta diseases often show signs of inflammation and irritation which are very often accompanied by high fever and burning sensation. If this is your situation, always follow a strict anti-Pitta diet. Get now my Ayurvedic Food Guidelines to start eating according to your Dosha or Body Type).

However, along the way you can make use of ingredients you normally have at home. Check your fridge and pantry now so you can prepare yourself or your loved one these Ayurvedic Remedies to Reduce Fever and start feeling better.

Anyways, it’s important to put Fever in perspective. The body produces fever as a way to kill pathogens that are attacking your body. It is a sign that the immune system in your body has been awaken and is fighting and burning up all those toxins. Anyways it’s important to keep it down with my Ayurvedic Remedies to Reduce Fever while we help our body eliminate those pathogens with proper diet, herbs, and a calm state of mind.


I make my first Ayurvedic Remedy to Reduce Fever with Cilantro. Cilantro is specific for high Pitta because it is sweet, astringent and cooling in energy, with a sweet post-digestive effect. It is an excellent febrifuge and works wonderfully in the case of high fevers. Cilantro is also amazing for sore throats, hyper-acidity, skin allergies, and urinary tract infections, all Pitta disorders.

Go Cilantro!

Servings 1


  • ½ Cup of Cilantro [Tasa de Cilantro]
  • ½ Tsp Lemon Juice [Jugo de Limon]
  • ¼ Cup of Filtered Water [Agua filtrada]


  • Make a Cilantro juice by blending the cilantro with the water. [Para hacer el jugo de cilantro licua el cilantro con el agua]
  • Strain out the pulp. [Cuela la pulpa]
  • Add the lemon. [Adiciona el limon]
Take 1-2 Tablespoons of this throughout the day to reduce fever.
Tómate 1-2 cucharaditas de esto durante todo el día para reducir la fiebre.


This amazing tea is a very effective Ayurvedic Remedy to Reduce Fever because it contains coriander. I buy the seeds and then grind them myself to get the powder so it’s fresher and more Prana filled. Coriander balances all Doshas, it is diuretic and a great blood cleanser and purifier. It is powerful for skin rashes, herpes, swollen glands, and high fever.

I also use Cinnamon, which although is hot in nature, it is a diuretic and helps relieve the signs of fever.

Spiced Fever Tea!

Servings 1


  • 1 stick of cinnamon [Palito de Canela]
  • ½ Tsp coriander powder [Polvo de Semillas de Cilantro]
  • ¼ Tsp ginger [Gengibre]
  • 1 Cup of water [Taza de Agua]


  • In a pan, place all spices and water [En una olla, pon todas las especias y el agua]
  • Boil for a minute [Herve por un minuto]
Let it simmer and drink warm.
Déjalo reposar y tómate el té tibio

I hope you feel better! 🙂

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