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Acne! One of the most annoying and frustrating conditions you could ever get on your skin. I’ve been there. In fact, I suffered from severe acne many years due to living the wrong lifestyle and eating aggravating foods. You know, I decided to write this article to share with you THE BEST AYURVEDIC HOME-MADE REMEDY FOR ACNE and save you the time in trying things that actually DON’T work and money, because oh man, can they be pretty expensive!


The remedy I am sharing with you today is pretty simple. So simple it could be erroneously discarded as not useful. So I want you to pay attention for a second. By following an Ayurvedic Lifestyle, you start learning by yourself the energetics of foods and herbs. That is pretty amazing and something you don’t need a degree in Ayurvedic Medicine to master. Once you learn a few basics, it will become easier for you to prescribe your own home made remedies, experiment, see by yourself what works and what doesn’t and most importantly, learn along the way more about your bio individuality than ever before.

And by learning those energetics, you also learn to use the qualities of foods and herbs to help you restore balance in your body. That’s why this remedy is so magically POWERFUL because it provides you with the opposite qualities that ACNE, as a disease, has. Acne is hot. Think reddish skin, inflammation, and infection. People who suffer it tend to be Pitta constitution. This remedy is cool, astringent, anti inflammatory, and antiseptic. Perfect for my Pitta friends!

If you don’t know your body constitution take my test today to find out your body type! Para espanol ve aqui!


The best Ayurvedic Remedy for Acne has only two ingredients. Two! That’s right! Fresh aloe vera gel and turmeric powder. Just that. So simple but yet so powerful!


I buy the aloe vera plant in a latin food store. And then slice it right in the middle to open it in two halves so I am able to get all the meat out of it and into the blender. I use a small knife to do this. But I also scrap it at the end to really use all the gel. I then blend it. No water added. And store it in a glass container in the fridge. One aloe vera plant lasts me about a week.

I then use 2 TBS of the aloe gel and pour it into a small bowl (my face masks bowl, which is intentionally yellow because -let me tell you- turmeric stains EVERYTHING!

I then add 1/2 tsp of organic turmeric powder and mix it well.


The trick is to drink it too! I use this remedy as a blood cleanser so to get the most benefits out of it I use The best Ayurvedic Remedy for Acne internally and externally. I don’t drink it all, though. So, whatever is left, apply it on your face. Please make sure your skin is completely clean. You could also apply it only to the problematic areas.

That’s it! Leave it from 20 minutes to 1 hour on and then rinse the mask off with cool water and a gentle soap. Pat you skin dry with a soft, clean towel (Again be mindful that turmeric will stain the towel too!)


I hope you benefit from this remedy! Do it consistently and you will see the results. The best Ayurvedic Remedy for Acne is really amazing because in reality it is targeting the real cause of the condition which is toxic blood. By drinking this everyday and then applying the mask on your skin, you will make sure the inflamation, infection, soreness, and open pores go away. For good!

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