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One day I said I had enough.

Enough of disrespecting my body with foods that were getting me sick.

Enough of not exercising and taking a victim stand at the results I was looking at the mirror.

One day I woke up and loved myself more than ever before. And started my own path. Never looked back.

You deserve to change your lifestyle and get healthy too not because you hate your body but because you deserve a better home for your soul.

So today, I want to share with you a few tips to start this amazing path. These are the best tips to start your own fitness journey.


It helps a LOT to have a clear vision of where you wanna get once you start. Be it a fitness model that you admire, a friend who has a smoking hot body, or yourself in the past, have your eyes on that prize. Visualize your body looking exactly that way. Feel it when taking a shower or performing an exercise in the gym. Dream with it. Feed it and move it just like you already have it. I really recommend you make a vision board. Post there all the pics of the people that inspire you. And look at it every day. Having a clear goal will be the WHY you are waking up before the sun rises to exercise and eat healthy. With no WHY you just won’t show up.


Without a plan the goal you are visualizing will be just a dream! Delineate the plan that will get you “there” from “here”. If you aim to become healthier, then you need to look at your nutrition and exercise regimen.

Be really specific on the plan. For instance, the time you will exercise or the number of sessions at the gym can make such a difference with your consistency and staying on track.

There are so many options online that you can find. If you wanna find out my Prana Way, go here!


Once the goal and the plan is clear, make sure that you make a commitment to yourself. Basically, you need to promise yourself that you will do what you said you were going to do. It is the only way to really see the results in your body that you want.

Discipline is so important to achieve your fitness goals. But, you can still have a life while following your plan. Be mindful of family gatherings or special times with friends and don’t isolate yourself. I still go out and eat my favorite foods. The difference is that I do it once or twice a week at most. Not everyday.


When following a fitness plan, consider your own constitution. Most of the plans you find are generic. I mean, they are recommended for everybody. I disagree with that approach because we are not all made the same.

I suggest you take my Body Type test to find your Dosha or constitution. When you understand your own unique nature, it is much easier to exercise in ways that balance your body. Vata individuals shouldn’t be doings lots of HIIT or cardio, for example.

This tip is really a suggestion you want to take into account. According to Ayurveda, the science of life, even the time you exercise can aggravate your Dosha. It is common to find Pitta people running at midday in a hot summer day which will increase the possibility of Pitta related conditions like acid reflux, skin rashes, and even anger.


I say to my clients this a lot. Don’t get overwhelmed with all the changes to your lifestyle you wanna make. To make it sustainable, you need to do a few changes at a time. Those are the changes that really last because it will be easier to become habits.

I believe starting your fitness journey should be enjoyable! So, relax and do one step at a time.


Take weekly pictures from every angle (make sure you take them at the same time) to compare your improvements. This can be so motivating!

I use the scale to get me an idea of how much calories my diet should consist of. But, she is not my best friend. I measure my progress more in how my jeans and bikinis fit than anything else.

Have a journal where you can write down your weekly setbacks, successes, and important observations. I love doing this because it lets me see how far I’ve come.

So there you go. These are, in my opinion, the best tips to start your fitness journey! I am here to help if you are confused as to what plan to follow.

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