DIY Ayurvedic Detox Face Mask

by Monica Gisella
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A fast-paced lifestyle, exposure to chemicals, makeup, pollution, and the wrong diet can clog your pores with toxins and make you look older and tired.

I do this DIY ayurvedic detox face mask everytime my skin needs a quick pick-me-up and I have an extra 20 minutes in my day.

It cleanses the face, gets rids of the impurities, and best of all… it is completely natural and wholesome. Pure food for your skin!

Ayurvedic Detox Face Mask

Our skin is our largest detox organ.

When we don’t eat well or have a lifestyle that fills us with negative emotions, preservatives, pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals, and engineered foods, then our skin becomes congested.

Lack of luster might be the first symptom.

But, it can eventually make us look older than we are.

The outer skin is drained and detoxified naturally when our lymph system works well. If it is not, and you notice signs like blocked sinuses, bloating, gas, lack of concentration, headaches, and dull skin, I always suggest estimulating this important system in the body with deliberate movement, deep-breathing techniques, a ton of water, dry skin brushing, and of course, a diet that fits your needs and constitution.

Check my program here to start eating and exercising in a way that serves you.

I also recommend lymphatic drainage massage – that will be explained in a future post – on both body and face.

But, this detoxifying face mask works wonders too and gives us a hand when other things seem to not be working or working too slowly.

I use these ingredients:

  • Triphala powderThis 3-fruit Ayurvedic formula is commonly used to cleanse, detoxify, and combat free radicals.
  • Matcha powder – It lowers inflammation, promotes a clear and even complexion, and protects against sun damage and pollution.
  • Moringa leaf powder: It promotes collagen production, helps with acne-prone skin, and improves wound-healing. It also helps removing the accumulation of toxins.

Unlike traditional, store-bought masks, this preparation is to be activated with a skin food – probably found in your kitchen!-that pacifies your dosha. Check below.


Mash 1 tbsp of a ripe avocado and mix it with the ingredients.


Mix the ingredients with 1 Tbsp of aloe vera.


Mash 1 tbsp of a ripe papaya and mix it with the ingredients.

Apply the mask on a clean face. I like to scrub it before hand with some organic brown sugar and coconut oil.

Lay down and relax for 20-30 minutes.

Make sure you a apply a serum (Hyaluronic acid or Vitamin C are my favorite) once you remove it with warm water.

Reset your skin with this DIY Ayurvedic Detox Face Mask. Do it weekly to gradually improve your complexion.

Happy Healing!

Monica Gisella xx

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