DIY — How to Make Rose Water

by Monica Gisella
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Before roses became a romantic symbol, they were being used in Ayurveda as a remedy, skincare ingredient, mood pacifier and much more.

Tridoshic — good for all doshas —, this is a beauty/remedy essential that I literally use every day.

Even when travelling, I take it with me.

But, store-bought rose water can be a bit pricey.

Plus, you don’t really know how it is made or the quality of the roses and water used to make it.

That’s why I wanna share with you today the simple, yet uncommon DIY process to get the best, purest, home-made distilled rose water ever.

how to make rose water

Versatile and Healing

Rose water has a plethora of benefits for the body and the mind.

It is the embodiment of sweetness, beauty, peace, and youth. And as such, it can be used as a perfume, skin tonic, pitta dosha pacifier, anti-aging remedy, and inflammation reliever.

It also has wonderful effects on emotions.

Whenever you are feeling irritated, aggressive, angry, or impatient, rose water can be used to cool and calm the mind. Just spray some of it on your face and hands and take a moon bath.

The fragrance released by this home-made rose water is so dreamy, so soothing, that it will sure help comfort an agitated mind and promote feelings of love, acceptance, and compassion.

Not only that, but it is a must to keep yourself cool, and your skin hydrated during the summer.

Oh! And it can be used to enhance the taste of several ayurvedic meals — I actually use it deliberately on my husband’s food when I wanna feel him more romantic and passionate. Trust me, it works.

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Specially Good for the Skin

Rose water is a must-have in your bathroom cabinet.

It balances the pH of the skin, soothes irritations, tightens pores, reduces wrinkles, and hydrates the skin.

It is truly the most moistening anti-aging tonic.

Tip: always apply your serum on a wet skin to better absorb the nutrients. The best way to dampen it is by spraying pure rose water right before.

Ayurvedic Perspective

Rose water benefits all doshas.

However, it is particularly good for pitta dosha, which tends to suffer from bad temper, uncontrolled passion, inflammation, and skin diseases.

According to Ayurveda, rose water is cold, sweet, and astringent.

It has a sattvic effect on the mind, meaning that it balances your emotions and brings harmony to your life. A sattvic state of mind, is the ideal state.

It is refrigerant (cooling), styptic (stops bleeding), nervine (calms the nerves), and it’s a great aphrodisiac.

DIY — Distilled Rose Water Recipe

Distilled Rose Water


  • 4 cups Organic red or pink rose petals
  • 2 cups Distilled water
  • 1 large Pan
  • 1 Bowl


  • Separate the petals and gently rinse them in cold water.
  • Put the bowl in the middle of the pan.
  • Carefully, place the petals around the bowl.
  • Add the water around the bowl too. Make sure the bowl in the center stays dry.
  • Cover the pan with the lid upside down and bring the water to a boiling point.
  • Once the water starts boiling, put blocks of ice on top of the lid. As the steam meets the cold, it is going to distill, and accumulate in the bowl.
  • Use a turkey baster to collect the melted ice.
  • Keep an eye on it to make sure that once condensation appears on the lid, you add more ice on top to keep the process going.
  • Wait until the pan has cooled down to store the distilled water into the little glass bottle.

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