Earthing: The Beauty of Healing Through Your Feet

by Monica Gisella
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Earthing or healing through your feet is a practice that requires more attention.

Let me ask you: Do you take care of your feet?

If your care for them merely involves your bi-weekly visit to the pedicure salon, you might be missing something rather valuable:

The nourishment of one of the most important energetic centers in your body.

Learning why and how to treat them with love and care might make a huge positive difference in the way you feel.

Let’s dive deep, so you can take your wellness journey to a new level.

Earthing Healing Through Your Feet


The Ayurvedic philosophy teaches that our physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing is completely dependant on a healthy Prana flow.

Prana is energy.

Prana is life.

Prana is power and vitality.

Prana is, therefore, the single most important aspect to healing.

Think of Prana as a river stream: if there is a smooth flow of the vital force, then, health is abundant. But, if it gets disturbed, blocked, or stagnated then illness will appear.

When people embark on the path to heal and rejuvenate, normally they only pay attention to their diets and exercise regimen. However, Prana comes from more than what you put on your plate. Our bodies absorb energies from the air, earth, and heavens too. Paying attention to the quality of the environment where you live PLUS making sure you absorb the energies of the elements will help you have your individual supply of energy to maintain a happy body. And a content mind.

That’s the beauty of energy-based medicine. There is more to well being than just what the eye can see.

It is also about what you can feel.

Being aware of the energy that flows from the universe into your body and feeling how it navigates through your being is a wonderful step forward for true healing and consciousness expansion.

Earthing Healing Through Your Feet


We are cosmic, electric, and earth beings.

As our feet walk on a planet that is vibrant and alive with natural energies and frequencies, we can leverage on that power for self-healing and connectedness with what is eternal.


Feeling -literally- the earth.

Walking barefoot on the grass and the sand.

Touching nature. Feeling it with all senses.

This practice is known as Earthing or Grounding.

Can you see its relation with the doshic principle? Life is changing at such a fast pace, while technology is taking over our lives, that we are becoming spacy, absent, restless, exhausted individuals. The very synonym of aggravated Vata dosha.

Opposites bring balance, so our feet need to connect to the ground to help us be present, calm, and focused.

Love your feet. They are conduits of Prana and by Earthing, you are naturally recharging and nourishing your life force.


An inappropriate lifestyle, stress, processed foods, and negative emotions can all build up positive charges over time in the body. Positive ions have a devastating effect on us. They themselves are slow, lethargic, and large; and encourage illness, increase oxidative free radicals, raise chronic inflammation, and accelerate the aging process.

Positive charges can be reduced just by Earthing constantly, because having direct skin contact with the earth acts as a “ground” or neutralizer for those harmful positive ions.

The best part? Well, Earthing not only blocks those positive charges, but it does replenish the body with negative ions, which are small, vibrant, sparkling, and full of life.

They represent the cosmic Prana.

So, the simple act of walking barefoot on the grass every morning for a few minutes can reduce electrical polarities and interference in your body, promote a healthy biological clock and happy hormones, bring vitality and youth, neutralize oxidative stress, decrease swelling, and encourage healing at a profound level.

Simply amazing.


Ayurveda explains that Prana moves within the body through micro energy channels.

Emanating from the Chakras (energy wheels), Prana goes through a conduit of Nadis (each is associated with a point at the skin surface) and Marma points (junctures where our physical and spiritual bodies meet) to various points in the physical body. Interestingly, our feet contain several marma points which are directly related to the organs in the body.

In addition, there are two important Nadis located on the hands and feet:

  • Yashasvati Nadi: It is the Nadi that ends on the right foot and hand. Supplies energy to the right side of the body.
  • Hastijivha Nadi: It is the Nadi that ends on the left foot and hand. Gives Prana to the left side of the body.

If Prana has a healthy flow in Yashasvati Nadi and Hastijivha Nadi, then all marma points, in the respective side, will also benefit. This is recognized, for instance, by reflexologists who are aware of the vital role feet have on the health of each side of the body.


Earthing or healing through your feet requires, of course, healthy feet.

Considering the vitality centres that feet are in regards to our body and how they can directly absorb Prana (negative ions) from the elements, an important way to promote an easy internal flow of energy and support healing is to take care of them.

Help them become the potent natural absorbers that they are meant to be to soak in Prana.

This is how you can optimize their power.


By using warm ghee, coconut, sesame, or almond oil you can give your feet a treat a couple -or more- times a week.

Why not doing it before going to bed every night?

It takes a few minutes but, it can have night-long lasting effects. It will relax your entire body and help you sleep like a baby. According to Ayurveda, massaging your feet with warm oils also treats beautifully roughness, numbness, stiffness, and dryness.

Take special care of your big toes as the Yashasvati and Hastijivha nadis’ primary apertures are there!

Earthing Healing Through Your Feet

Marma points you want to touch and massage are the following: ( They are connected to specific organs and functions in the body)

  • Kshipra Marma: Heart, Lung, Lymphatic System, Improves flow of Prana in legs
  • Kurcha Marma: Digestion, Agni, Improves flow of Prana to the head, Visual acuity
  • Talahridaya Marma: Lungs, Heart, Immune System, Circulation, calming.
  • Kurchashira Marma: Reproduction, Vision, Nervous System, Muscular System.

I believe massaging your feet, besides being a great support for your Earthing practice, is just a wonderful and serene way to end your day.


Clothes can act as an insulator and block your body from absorbing the good from nature, even if you are in the middle of a forest!

Of course, there are better materials than others when it comes to receiving the divine cosmic energy.

A good rule of thumb is: the more natural and organic the material is, the better. The more processed, the worst. So, choose cotton, wool, and silk instead of rubber, polyester, and other synthetic fibres.

This advice applies to clothes, shoes, and even bed sheets.


Feet can get cracked, tired, achy, and sore. Poor things.

When that happens their potential to absorb Prana is reduced. Just like having dead cells on your skin will impede taking in the nutrients of a face mask.

Your feet need to be smooth, clean, pampered, and thanked for their service every day. When you feel they have been neglected try this wonderful relaxation technique.

Put warm water in a basin and add a few drops of each of your favorite essential oils.

Get your feet in and RELAX!

This is my go-to recipe now for tired feet:

Earthing Healing Through Your Feet
Essential Oils Drops: 7 Lavender, 7 Rosemary, 7 Orange, and 7 Marjoram.


Let your feet vibrate with Prana! Let the nerve endings of your bare feet touch the ground.

They will ultimately connect you with Nature and recharge your batteries.

The earth’s surface is electrically conductive, negatively charged, and full of Life Force so, take your shoes off and welcome the healing energy that Mother Earth has to offer in abundance.

Now you know why a walk on the beach makes us all feel so good 🙂

Happy Healing!

Monica Gisella xx


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