Effective Mudras to Improve Your Digestion

by Monica Gisella

Are you experiencing digestive issues even though your diet is super healthy?

Mudras can help. They are hand gestures that influence the flow of energy in our body.

This week, I want to introduce you to a few of them that specifically improve your digestion and elimination.

Effective Mudras to Improve Your Digestion

Our hands have immense healing power that we often don’t recognize. It is believed our hands and our fingers are the connectors between our own Prana and the Universal cosmic energy.

Each mudra has a purpose. Some are believed to soothe pain, improve overall health, or increase happiness and vitality by stimulating endorphin production. That’s why if you are on the wonderful self-discovery journey to heal body and mind, Mudras can be a beautiful supplement to your process. Even though it is suggested to practice the mudras daily for up to 45 minutes, it is best to start small and grow used to the poses, before incrementing the time.


This is the first Mudra you want to do if you are having digestive or elimination problems. Each hand is positioned in a unique way.

The right is receptive (prana vayu). It is related to the digestion and assimilation (samana vayu) of food and the their uncomfortable signs of indigestion, like belching and heartburn.

The left is related to the elimination process (apana vayu). The act of releasing what is not longer needed, which has a downward movement in our body. Think of heces, urine, and menstruation.

This mudra is not just about foods. We also have to digest emotions, thoughts, and experiences, and so this would work well if are having difficulty accepting or letting go of a feeling.

How to do it?

During your meditation time, set about 5 minutes or more for practicing this Mudra. Sit in a lotus position and be mindful of every movement you do to get to the desired position. Do it slowly and deliberately.

Set an intention for improving the way you feel after eating or your elimination.

Breath smoothly throughout the entire process.

Place both hands on your tights, with the palms facing upward.

With your right hand, press the tips of the index and middle fingers to the tip of the thumb. The ring and little fingers remain extended, the palm facing up.

With your left hand, press the tips of the middle and ring fingers to the tip of the thumb. The index and pinkie fingers remain outstretched, the palm facing up


To calm us Pitta folks, this is a great hand pose. Especially because when Pitta gets aggravated, excess digestive fire is common, as well as liver conditions.

To cool down this intensive fire, do this mudra. Again, fit it into your meditation practice and do it for about 5 minutes or more, if time permits. Start increasing the time after you become accustomed.

How to do it?

In this position, both hands adopt the same position.

Press the tips of the ring finger, little finger and thumb together, while outstretching the middle and pointer fingers.

Think of a blue light and cool breeze pacifying your entire being while holding this Mudra.


As mentioned above, apana vayu is related to the elimination process. It is believed to be purifying and cleansing. It will help your body getting rid of what is not longer useful. Toxins and waste will find a way out and conditions like constipation and gas can be eliminated.

How to do it?

During your meditation set the intention of releasing and feeling lighter and purified.

Sit in a lotus position and prepare your body by doing a few minutes of Pranayama first.

Now, press the middle and ring finger to your thumb. Leave the index and pinky fingers extended. Same position for both hands.

Relax and visualize the cleansing process.

Which one is your favorite?

Happy Healing!

Monica Gisella xx

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Shelley March 28, 2021 - 7:29 am

Hi Monica…should the prana mudra be avoided if you suffer from IBS-D? Thanks

Monica Gisella March 31, 2021 - 3:38 pm

Hi Shelley! Prana mudra can help reducing the aggravated Pitta you might be having. I would suggest, in addition to practice lunar alternate nostril breathing and a Pitta reducing diet. DM me if you have any question!

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