by Monica Gisella
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You’ve heard probably a thousand times that you must eat fruits and vegetables to stay healthy. However, there are some foods that I consider staples in my diet. They help nourish my skin and hair and make me recover my muscles quicker from all my workouts. So, without further delay, these are the best foods to eat to look your BEST!


Oats are super nutritious and packed with fiber which is a big factor to improve digestion. According to Ayurveda, digestion is the core foundation of our health. Include oatmeal as your breakfast several days a week. The good thing is that it is so versatile you can combine it with cacao or matcha or cinnamon or whatever you want. Specially if you are Vata or Pitta dosha it is always a good thing!


I have coconut oil ALWAYS in my kitchen and bathroom. I find it incredible to help me look my best. It nourishes my tissues at a very deep level and calms down my Vata/Pitta constitution. Which means reduces the excess wind and fire in my body. It is fragrant and sweet and food tastes so good with it. I have noticed a huge difference in how my skin and hair looks since I started using it.


Whether I add it to my morning green juice or sauté it with garlic in a stir fry, celery is a must in my grocery list. According to Ayurveda, it is astringent, sweet and salty in taste and it is a valuable mineral supplement for all three Doshas. It cleanses the blood which makes it a potent addition to have clear skin.


I live in Florida so it seems they are always in season. I eat 1/2 – 1 avocado almost daily. Avocado is sweet and slightly warm. It is better taken with spices like cayenne or black pepper and decreases Vata, but mildly increases Kapha and Pitta. Celery is a tonic and nutritive of all tissues. It nourishes the liver, lungs and the skin and helps build the muscles and blood. I love how it makes my skin supple and my muscle recovery time so much quicker.

If you don’t know what your Dosha or body type is, take my free Quiz to find out!

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