Getting the RIGHT amount of EXERCISE

by Monica Gisella
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Exercising is something that should be done according to our own constitution and state of health. Duration and time of exercise depends on how healthy we are, our age, and in Ayurveda terms, our Dosha or body type. It is important to know this because too much or too little exercise, can be detrimental for our wellbeing.


In Ayurveda, exercise is essential for our health. It helps us move Prana or life force so it doesn’t stagnate, promotes blood flow and vitality, alleviates constipation, improves digestion, and helps us lose weight. It is also key in removing toxins from our body since it makes us sweat. I like to add that it releases serotonin and makes us feel good. I feel a big sense of achievement when I exercise :)!

However, I think it’s important to differentiate how much we exercise and what forms of it we do. Firstly, because to achieve all the above benefits we don’t need to be panting every time we workout. In fact, it is said in Ayurveda tradition that strenuous exercise can make our muscles consume the available Prana within ourselves and leave our organs and other tissues depleted. And that can create a fertile ground for desease. So, let’s see the following guidelines for exercising.


If you are slender, with a delicate constitution, or under a lot of stress, it would be best not to do strenuous exercise like running or jumping. Instead do qi gong, gentle yoga, hike, brisk walk, or ride a bike for about 30 minutes daily. Make sure to add a pranayama (breathing exercise) practice in your daily routine.


If you are Pitta you have a competitive mind. But, be careful! Sometimes we tend to think that our bodies are as strong as our will and that might not be the case. So, I believe the most important pice of advice is listen to your body. Observe it in judgmental ways. Protect it and nurture it. I’m Pitta mostly and this is something that has helped me pacify the fiery nature in myself. Focus on gently strengthening and building with light forms of weightlifting, yoga, skating, jogging, swimming for about 30-45 minutes. Again, include a practice of Pranayama or yin yoga in your day.


This is the constitution that would benefit most from stronger forms of exercise. So go for it! Engaging in strenuous exercise From 30 minutes to 1 hour can help you lose weight. Running, jogging, weightlifting, Crossfit, or a vigorous yoga session are all good choices.

There you go. Just be midful of your body and exercise in ways that make your body more beautiful and productive.

Lots of love and light! xx

Monica Gisella

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