by Monica Gisella
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Even though stress seems a normal part of our society, it causes wear and tear in our bodies and minds which eventually can be an important factor for disease. Stress is the natural response of the body to changes, even when those changes are positive. And that is okay, because it keeps us alert and ready to avoid any type of danger. The problem is when the the “fight or flight” response to stress gets activated frequently and for prolonged periods of time. In this article you will learn my favorite ways on how to deal with stress to help your body stay in a state of balance for most of the time.


How to deal with stress has an instant answer: whenever I am feeling out of my zone, I like to take a nap to clear my mind. Often times, I wake up with less resistance to the situation and a more positive perspective. I make sure I sleep for about 20-30 minutes only because, if I overdo it then I would no be able to sleep at night. So, I set a timer. It always works wonders for my frustration.


Meditating is one of the easiest ways to feel good. Meditation really means to focus your attention on something. It could be your breath, the sound of the AC, your heartbeat, or even a candle. You can also do it lying down or sitting up in a meditation pose. You know? one of my favorite types of meditation is what I call “doing meditations” so, for instance I cook dinner paying careful attention to every detail and fully immersing myself in the moment. Or walking on the park meditating on each step I take on the grass. Meditation, regardless on how you do it is amazing to reduce your stress levels and help you stay happier whenever something happens.


I often find people talking to themselves in a way they would never do with others. Degrading comments like “I’m such an idiot!” or “I never do this well” have the power to increase your stress and frustration. It’s important to remember to love yourself. Always! Unconditionally! Just imagine if the person you love the most was going through a situation like yours. How would you talk to him or her? What type of words would you use to make them feel better and safer? Will you try to calm him/her down and assure him/her that everything will be alright? Or are you going to irritate them more? Now, just use the same soothing with YOU. Tell yourself: “Everything is going to be fine!” “I am strong, powerful, I can do this” “This is not that important”, “Let’s think about something that makes me happier!”, “I love ME!”


I can tell you this from my own experience. Before learning about mindfulness techniques or Ayurveda I used to act without thinking first. This behavior gave me a lot of headaches because I would do things that I would then regret. Now, when I’m feeling stressed I stop whatever I am doing. Clearly, nothing positive can come out of feeling a negative emotion. So give yourself a few minutes. Breath. Assess the situation. Is this worth a reaction from you? Will this matter in five years? Can you do anything about it or would it be better to set it aside and stop talking/thinking about it? Taking a pause can make such a huge difference in making you feel better and reacting in more appropriate ways.


Regardless of the trigger of your stress, you can definitely reduce it by accepting the situation and going with the flow. A few words that always bring me peace are “EVERYTHING IS AS IT SHOULD BE NOW” This reduces my resistance. My desire to be right all the time. And sometimes that is what matters, not to be right but to be happy. There are countless of unnecessary arguments I have avoided with my husband because I decided to stop fighting to prove a stupid point. Instead, choosing to enjoy life and be happy. To accept that life is as it should be. That people is as they are. That I am not supposed to have them changed so I can feel better. Just that.

How to deal with stress is one important skill that every person should learn. This will mitigate the harmful effects of it in our system and let us appreciate and love more. Life is beautiful.

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