How to Balance Your Hormones With Ayurveda

by Monica Gisella
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Guest: Dr. Varalakshmi Yanamandra

Is it possible to balance your hormones naturally? Absolutely!

Meet Dr. Varalakshmi Yanamandra. She explains beautifully the whole topic that drives most women crazy.

But, most importantly, she provides us with easy-to-apply strategies on how to balance your hormones with ayurveda to start reaching that desired state of homeostasis.

Case in point? She healed her own hormonal issues by applying the wisdom of Ayurveda.

A hormonal imbalance can significantly impact your mood, appetite, and your overall health. Some factors, including aging, are beyond a person’s control. However, manageable elements such as lifestyle and diet are important to consider to achieve a state of equilibrium in your body.

If you feel like your hormones are playing games and causing damage in your skin, hair, emotions, or menstruation, listen to this and you’ll learn that you have the power to heal too.

We cover a lot of ground in this conversation, including:

  • 2:20 – How Ayurveda can help reverse the negative consequences of the pill
  • 4:26 – What it really means to see an Ayurvedic practitioner in a consultation
  • 6:01 – Ayurveda’s perspective on hormones and how it differs from the modern definition
  • 10:20 – The importance of a healthy Agni – digestive fire– to achieve hormonal balance
  • 11:00 – Gut issues and its effects on hormonal balance
  • 12:00 – What makes Ayurveda a unique approach to find homeostasis
  • 17:00 – What factors, other than diet, are necessary to achieve hormonal balance
  • 20:00 – Why is the circadian rhythm important
  • 27:27 – Are you taking enough rest during your periods?
  • 28:56 – Tips for the Vata, Pitta, and Kapha women to start balancing the hormones
  • 37:45 – Dr. Varalakshmi’s favorite adaptogenic drinks

How to balance your hormones with ayurveda? Listen to this episode. I know first hand what it feels to be in the dark about your hormones and with the useful tips Dr. Varalakshmi provides us with, your healing journey is really at your fingertips.

Hit play now to listen on Prana With Love Podcast.

Learn more about Dr. Varalakshmi

Varalakshmi Yanamandra is an Ayurveda Practitioner, B.A.M.S, OMT. She is the Managing Director of Ayur Wellness & Pain Centre, Birmingham, UK. She also teaches Ayurveda online via Europe Ayurveda Academy. She is an Editorial board member for JAIMS, International Ayurveda Research Journal. 

She is an expert in the management of Gut-Health Disorders and Chronic Pain. She uses Ayurvedic and holistic approach to educate and empower the art of healthy eating and lifestyle in British people. She is currently working on creating healthy recipes by incorporating Ayurveda Principles in to modern diet. Check out her work at:

Follow her in Instagram @drvaralakshmi

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