How to DETOX your LIVER with Ayurveda

by Monica Gisella
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The liver is the ultimate filtration system in the body. It helps clean the blood, metabolize fats, proteins, and carbs, and improve digestion by producing bile. From am Ayurvedic standpoint, the liver is a Pitta organ and it is damaged by too much spicy, greasy or sweet food, too much meat, by alcohol and drugs. Because it is such an important organ for our body we should do our best to make it work at optimal levels. That’s why learning how to detox your liver with Ayurveda is something to really consider doing.

By keeping your liver nice and clean you will be able to see a better digestion and clearer skin since your blood will be reaping the benefits too. So, it’s definitely something you wanna invest your time on, specially after overindulging in processed foods, sugar or alcohol or if you are experiencing liver conditions / toxic blood / skin issues.

The remedy

This remedy uses only two ingredients:

1/4 tsp turmeric powder

2 Tbsp aloe gel

Then: To get the gel scrape the pulp out of the actual aloe plant and blend until smooth without any water. One plant can last you about a week, you just have to keep it in the fridge in a close container. Then, first thing in the morning mix the two remedy ingredients well and drink. Do this daily.

Taking turmeric in aloe gel base is one of the most common Ayurvedic preparations. It is good for all constitutions and stimulates and cleanses the liver, promotes the circulation of blood, cleanses the blood and lymphatics, eases menstruation, stops excess bleeding, and promotes the healing of sores and wounds. It’s an amazing remedy for acne too. This Ayurvedic formula also regulates sugar and fat metabolism which eases the job of the liver.

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