Find Out Your #1 UNHEALTHIEST Habit that is making you sick and age prematurely

by Monica Gisella

Plus receive 3 FREE personalized TIPS to start healing today!

Monica Gisella is a Certified Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultant who has dedicated the last years to developing her Prana Method (Healed & Sexy Program). This method, which combines Ayurveda, Intermittent Fasting, and Mindfulness, is the #1 organic way to reverse the damage you have done to your body for years.

It is effective and sustainable.

With 100% customized delicious Ayurvedic meal plans, tips on lifestyle changes, workout guides, and more, you will be able to heal and get in your best shape ever!

The best part you will see results FAST!

In less than 1 MONTH you will be able to recreate your body!


When trying to HEAL and LOOK better, you must have a plan that combines:




You need these 3 components to see results that are long-lasting and consistent.

And they must be differentiated to your body type and unique needs.


You can’t change your body without changing what you eat!
You will get monthly delicious Ayurvedic meal plans that are 100% customized to YOUR needs.
In addition, you will be given an initial detox plan, a food list for your dosha, and appropriate food combinations.
On top of that, you will be practicing the powerful healing practice of Intermittent Fasting. I’ll show you how.


You will receive recommendations to balance your body type. Depending on your unique case, it might include:
Massage Techniques
Yoga poses

…and more.
Most importantly, we will have an initial conversation about expectations and goals during the program.
You will make each change at your own pace, and I will be always there to support you!


To complement your program, you will be given an exercise guide so you know how to workout to best stay in equilibrium.
You can always practice your favorite form of exercise following those Ayurvedic principles.
However, you’ll also get resistance training routines that you can do from the gym or home.
By following both, the ayurvedic meal plans and the recommended type of workouts, you’ll get in your best shape!

You need a plan that is adjusted every month to your unique needs!

Every month, I’ll gather information from you to create the meal plan that best works for your individual circumstances.

Menus to choose from…





Living an Ayurvedic Lifestyle is easier than you think…

I will show you how!


In-depth Constitution Analysis

This will be the first part of the consultation. You will learn more about yourself than ever before! After a comprehensive questionnaire, you will know your dosha or constitution and what it means for your health.

Nutrition, Herbal, and Lifestyle Recommendations

Once you understand the why of your imbalances, I will provide you with an Ayurvedic treatment to restore your health. This treatment will include a diet, herb, spice, exercise, meditation, aromatherapy, and mineral prescription.

5-Day Detox Plan

To reset your metabolism and start your new life, you will receive a 5-Day Detox Plan to make you feel like a new person. This plan is specifically designed for your dosha.

Food List To Pacify Your Constitution

You will get an extensive list of foods you should favor and avoid. This is a great tool to cook and eat out. Using it will ensure you are keeping your dosha in balance.

Prana Journal

So important to keep track of your progress and be accountable!

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