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I spent nearly 9 months this year in a place where I was not used to be. Financially speaking. It was a hard time for me and my husband and although some days were manageable and full of hope, some other days were really hard. And I didn’t know if there was a light at the end of the tunnel. The thing is I wanted to be a rock for my love in the situation. Help him overcome the obstacle we so suddenly found ourselves in. But it was difficult. However, not impossible :). So, I wanna share with you some things that worked for me to remain positive in those hard times.


So, what we did was to create a chart with cut pictures of newspapers or magazines of all that we wanted to accomplish. Everything was permitted, so I included even pictures of brunches or trips because that is what I wanted to be able to do freely, without thinking of any limits of money. He added cars and names of places he wants us to visit together. This goals chart created a very visual, tangible goal: to become financially prosperous again. Now, that I look back and I see ourselves again living comfortably, I think this played a big part in our success.


One of the plans I enjoyed the most during those months was to take long walks with him and talk, talk, talk about our future plans. Holding hands, joking, not taking it too seriously. Knowing deep down that it was just a phase, a needed one for sure to take a bigger jump to something much better. Two common ingredients in those afternoon walks was the faith we were cultivating together and that it was in nature. We truly believed the Universe had our back. All I can tell you is that it worked! 🙂


I talk about this a lot. But, it is because it is one of the most transforming things you could ever do for yourself. I first set up a special space for it. Kind of a sacred place to pray, meditate, and just be. I decorated it with dried flowers, positive quotes, a buddha, and lots of incense. Then, I set up a time to meditate, pray, and breathe. My husband also did the same but at a different time. At the end we would each repeat some affirmations we made that called for prosperity and abundance.


Energy is supposed to be flowing. You need to give away what you want in order to have your desire manifest. If I wanted to recover abundance and prosperity, then I needed to make sure I gave away those same vibrations to the world. Maybe not in terms of money but with time and love. Sincerely complimenting people or volunteering more than before. Asking myself every day: “How can I be of service to this person or situation?” And loving a lot. Feeling abundance of love to give away. This applies with everything. Always think of giving what you need.


I think regardless of the problem you are going through, you really have to make an effort to be healthy and take care of your body. I believe that translates into the state of your mind too. I just know that exercising and eating healthy stuff made me more positive overall. Working out, as you probably have heard, releases endorphins (the feel-good hormones) and I swear I can feel that rush of good energy in my body everytime I leave the gym or the yoga mat. It was much easier to console myself with chocolate bars and feel sorry for myself. Of course it requires some empowerment not to feel a victim but it felt great to still maintain my body nice and healthy. Don’t forget to try my Transformation Program.

These are some tips that helped me remain positive on those hard times that I was kind of loosing it. They kept me focused, grounded, and calm.

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Lots of love and light! xx

Monica Gisella

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  • I know you will think I’m just being silly, or wanting your attention, though I have been through a hell of a lot and I struggle to see positives in anyway for anything . I am ok I just don’t see why I am being punished. To be honest, I’m sick to death of people saying I’m nice. I just want to feel loved. Anyway I’m sorry I like your pics often but you are positive and your posts so meaningful and of course beautiful. But I don’t mean that in a personal way, you have worked hard to be where you are, I just wish I could turn that leaf, but I can’t, it’s been 5 years since my divorce, and honestly it set me free. Though I have been punished in Australia for working and looking after my family, being nice and doing what is right for my kids interests only. Though I still struggle everyday, although I pretend on insta I’m ok, I wish I was, I am happy I’m not in the relationship we’re I was a slave, we’re I did everything, I literally mean everything! There is one reason I did this, because the love of my 2 boys is far stronger than any bad medicine, any challengers etc, I just can’t look after myself! I want to go to the gym and I want to eat healthy, and I know if I don’t my time is running out. I’m 47 and as you can easily see from aged photos I am struggling to really be happy inside. Ig has helped me believe it or not because people like you accept my compliments, which is all they are and some people follow me back, it’s not a numbers thing because really I don’t care how many people follow me, although for some reason I have 5k followers, relatively in the last 18 months, that helps me to believe I am a nice person. Though that’s not what I want, I just want that one person, only one! Anyway I’m gong to bed now, Saturday morning 4:54an, and I need my beauty sleep lol.
    Yes for the first time since last Christmas I have had far too much to drink to night, but if I didn’t do this tonight I would’ve just continued pretending.. I don’t expect you to reply or solve my problem as I know only I can fix it, I’m just saying it’s not easy! Take care and sorry, Goodnight.

    • I know and totally understand what you are saying. I believe in those hard times praying and accepting the moment as is are very important. I know also it is easer said than done but we can take one day at a time. And have faith everything will be okay. Love and Light for you!!

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