Rice water for skin and hair: Benefits and how to use it


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rice water for skin and hair

One of the things that shocked me when I was first introduced to Ayurveda was that rice was actually healthy and a key ingredient to balance my then aggravated Pitta dosha.

Its benefits go beyond nutrition, though.

Rice is beautifying and soothing for our skin, and strengthening for our hair.

These are the perks, Ayurvedic approach, and ways to use it.

rice water for skin and hair
Rice water is a natural home remedy for hair and skin that contains amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

Rice and the doshas

For a long time, I believed rice was a refined carb that increased the risk of coronary artery disease and made weight loss almost impossible.

So, I removed it from my diet and replaced it with quinoa or just vegetables.

At that time, my Pitta dosha was out of control. I had cystic acne, my hair was falling, and my stress levels were also perturbing my Vata dosha.

With Ayurveda, I learned that rice was necessary to offer my body the grounding and earthing it was lacking. The Yin (feminine energy) to the excessive Yang (masculine energy) I was experiencing. The cooling effect to pacify the fire my body was going through. Then, with years of practice and my background in fitness, I refined the portion factor.

By the way, my favorite white rice varieties are Basmati (the king of rices), Jasmine, and Japanese (sushi rice).

In Ayurvedic terms, rice has a sweet rasa (taste). Its virya is cooling (energy). And the vipaka or post-digestive effect is sweet. Moreover, it is considered a Sattvic food, which means it can increase your energy, happiness, calmness, and mental clarity.

Rice is light — if eaten in the right quantities —, soft, and wholesome. As Vata and Pitta body types differ from these characteristics, adding rice to your diet is an excellent idea. 

To reap the benefits of this sweet food, make sure you avoid rice that is parboiled, instant, or pre-cooked. Instead, go for an organic variety that entices you with its aroma (for me, it’s basmati) and cook it well, on low heat that symbolizes patience, and with some cumin seeds and a dash of ghee.

Kapha dosha, however, should eat it rice moderately and substitute it with even lighter options like quinoa, rye, or tapioca. It mustn’t be avoided completely, but Kapha does better with less rice. Just roast the rice before adding the water and cook it with cumin seeds and a bit of fresh grated ginger.

Vata nutrition tips

Pitta nutrition tips

Kapha nutrition tips

Rice water and the skin

We know Japanese and Korean women have gorgeous skin. Typically, their skincare routine involves rice water because it is believed it provides anti-aging benefits and brightens the skin and evens the skin tone.

Other benefits include:

  • Soothes sunburn and irritation
  • Reduces excessive oiliness
  • Strengthens the skin layer to be less vulnerable to conditions like eczema or dermatitis
  • Lightens scars

This is how to achieve glowing and smooth skin with rice water:

  1. Rinse 1 cup of uncooked rice grains once and then drain the water.
  2. In a pan, add the rice and 2 cups of filtered water and boil for 3 minutes.
  3. Let it cool down.
  4. Strain the rice and save the water. Use the strained rice for a recipe.

Skin Uses


Rice water can be a mattifying agent by making the skin look less greasy. Simply store it in a spray bottle and use it as a toner. Apply it on the skin with a cotton ball, and before it dries, apply your favorite serum and moisturizer.

Rice water sheet mask

Grab 2 or 3 cotton squares and soak them in the rice water. Then place them onto your clean face. Sit back and relax for 15–30 minutes.

When you finish, peel off the cotton and gently pat the water into your face for maximum absorption. This mask is great to freshen up Pitta, oily skin and close your pores, but, it can also be used to moisten a dry, Vata skin type.

To calm inflamed and irritated skin

Prepare the rice water and put it in a cube tray to freeze it. After cleansing your face, use one cube to reduce itching, irritation, or swelling, I am actually doing this every morning to de-puff my face and tighten my skin, and I am loving the results.

Rice water and the hair

For centuries, homemade rice water has been a Japanese beauty remedy for hair growth. It improves the shine and texture of your hair, and helps detangle your strands.

The protein in rice water supports the overall condition of hair. Further, Vitamins C, B, and E help strengthen the hair follicles. Rice is rich with folate, amino acids, antioxidants, and trace minerals like zinc, selenium, and magnesium, all of which can help treat the scalp and give thirsty, brittle hair a healthy boost.

This is how to achieve stunning hair with rice water:

  1. Rinse 1 cup of uncooked rice grains once and then drain the water.
  2. Place the clean rice in a bowl and add 2 cups of filtered water. Let it soak overnight, so it can fully ferment.
  3. Strain the rice and save the water.

Hair Uses


Once a week, after shampooing and rinsing your hair, massage the rice water into your hair and scalp. Then, cover with a plastic shower cap or bag and let it sit for 20–30 minutes. Rinse.

Rinse to nourish damaged hair

After shampooing and rinsing your hair, apply the rice water as a double rinse. Let it dry naturally.

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