Align your body and mind with nature's rhythms.


Flow with the seasons

Ayurveda teaches that as the Earth's character shifts with the seasons, so do the elements within our bodies. Therefore, the ebb and flow of nature's rhythms necessitate a recalibration of our habits, diets, and routines.

With Prana app's seasonal programs, get access to:

SEASONAL Nutrition

Seasonal Ayurvedic- inspired recipes, ensuring balance and well-being all year round.


Fitness routines attuned to each season to support vibrant health and high energy levels.


Ayurvedic guides with insights & lifestyle tips for seasonal wellness and harmony.


Kapha season

As winter transitions into spring, Kapha season emerges with its defining elements of earth and water. During this period, you'll notice the landscape reawakening, yet the air remains crisp, and dampness often prevails.

The qualities of Kapha—cool, moist, heavy, and static—can cause women’s bodies to feel weighed down, sluggish, and even congested. These qualities also lead to attachment, sentimentality, and shyness.

With Prana App's Kapha Season Program you can return to a state of homeostasis and balance.

What to expect?


Indulge in light, yet grounding nutrient-dense meals designed specifically for Kapha season to rekindle your Agni or digestive fire and counteract the natural heaviness and moisture of this time.


After the holidays, it is common to feel heavy and lethargic. So, get moving with our energizing and dynamic exercise routines that will help you shake off the sluggishness, ignite your internal fire, and shed some pounds.

A seasonal guide

Dive into our comprehensive guide, tailored for Kapha season. It will provide you with insights into the changes you can make in your lifestyle, including self- care rituals and mindfulness practices.

LATE SPRING into EARLY FALl (jun. — sepT.)

Pitta season

The transition from late spring into early fall marks the advent of Pitta season, characterized by the elements of fire and water.

During this phase, the sun is at its zenith, bringing warmth, brightness, and intensity. The qualities of Pitta—hot, sharp, light, and fluid—can make women's bodies prone to inflammation, irritability, and excess heat.

Embrace Prana App’s Pitta Season Program to pacify the excess fire, while nourishing your body and calming your emotions.

What to expect?


Savor cooling and nourishing meals, thoughtfully curated for Pitta season. Our dishes are imbued with fresh, hydrating ingredients to counterbalance the inherent heat of this period.

Balancing WORKOUTS

Engage in grounding fitness routines that emphasize strength training, moderate pacing, and grounding circuits to help you stay centered and avoid overheating.

A seasonal guide

Immerse yourself in our Pitta season guide, which contains lifestyle adaptations, soothing self-care practices, and strategies for staying cool and calm and fostering holistic wellness.


Vata season

As late fall gives way to early winter, the crispness in the air heralds the onset of Vata season.

In Ayurveda, Vata is associated with the elements of air and ether (space), and its qualities include being cold, dry, light, and mobile.

During this time, women may find that their bodies are more susceptible to dryness, cold, and restlessness, which can manifest as dry skin, anxiety, insomnia, constipation, and difficulty in staying focused.

With Prana App’s Vata Season program, you will be able to nurture your body’s need for warmth and stability and enhance your capacity for creativity and connection.

What to expect?


Enjoy warming and grounding meals crafted with care for Vata season. Our nourishing recipes will help you foster internal warmth and a sense of permanence, as well as counteract the dry and cool attributes of Vata dosha.


Our light fitness routines complement perfectly the Vata season. You will have access to slow, deliberate workouts, sufficient rest time, and lengthy grounding sessions that combat the cold and erratic nature of Vata.

A seasonal guide

The Vata season guide features lifestyle recommendations, self- care rituals, and practices to keep you grounded and serene during this airy time. Discover techniques to soothe and calm your mind, and nurture your body with care.

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Frequently asked questions

Upon downloading Prana app on your device, you will be prompted to create an account with us and complete the Goddess Archetype Quiz. Once done, you can purchase the monthly or yearly membership and then take the Program Preference Questionnaire (PPQ) which will allow us to design the right plans for you.
  • After these steps are done, you will be able to activate the program that speaks to you and your specific goals and the workout intensity you prefer.
  • We take about a couple of hours to create your menus and workouts and will email you when they become available on Prana app.
  • Your program will start the following Monday at 12AM EST.

You can get the Prana experience for FREE, with our 7-day FREE program. You’ll get an Ayurvedic meal and workout plan for your body type. Many of the app features will not be included in this version, including calorie adjustment, but you’ll notice the healing effects of this plan on your body and mind in just one week. Plus, it will help you take the next step and decide on what program to enroll next. After the 7 days, you will lose access to this program.

Absolutely. Prana app provides you with the tools (nutrient-dense recipes, sufficient amounts of protein, calorie counting, comprehensive workouts, and lifestyle changes that support recovery) you need to help you achieve your fitness goal.

Yes. We believe portion control is an essential component of a healthy plate. To offer you a precise idea of your portion sizes, we do calorie counting for you, which translates into exact measurements of each ingredient to help YOU achieve YOUR fitness goal.

This is a highly customized process as we consider your age, gender, height, current weight,  level of activity, dosha, and program you selected to define the number of calories you require each day.

We accommodate the following dietary preferences:

  • Regular
  • Pescatarian
  • Vegetarian
  • Plant-based

As you change programs, you can also update your dietary preference.

We are very proud to say that we provide you with new menus EVERY WEEK!

Unlike most apps offering meal plans, with us, you won’t get tired of eating the same recipes for a whole month. We believe this is important to keep you engaged and motivated with delicious, nutrient-dense, varied meals.

That is not a problem.

To help you eat what you like, besides customized menus, you will also have access to lots of yummy, Ayurvedic-inspired recipes you can choose from to replace a meal that is not appealing to you.


Coming soon, with Prana app, you will be able to swap ingredients in your recipes to make your menus as enjoyable as possible.

Soon, a dedicated folder will be created exclusively for your most loved recipes, allowing you to access them whenever you desire.

Yes. But it is optional.

It is a week-long nourishing detox plan created using Ayurvedic principles to get you ready and reset your metabolism before your program starts. As a side note, Ayurveda recommends a mild cleanse at the beginning of each season.


Knowing previously about Ayurveda is NOT a requirement to become a Prana member. We will help you get to know it, practice it, and become familiar with the most important Ayurvedic postulates. Your best bet, if this is the case, is to start with our Intuitive Living program for a seamless transition.


We cater to the following dietary requirements:

  • Dairy
  • Wheat
  • Soy
  • Eggs
  • Red meat
  • Fish
  • Shellfish
  • Corn
  • Peanuts
  • Tree nuts
  • Gluten

Yes. To keep things fun and balanced, you’ll have access to libraries with fascinating recipes, including snacks, teas and adaptogenic drinks, desserts, and post-workout (Ayurvedic) smoothies.

Of course! With Prana app, you will be able to adjust the portions of a recipe to cook it for your loved ones.

Coming soon, to adapt to your lifestyle and keep you accountable, you will be able to log when you eat out.

Our Prana workouts are created for Vata, Pitta, and Kapha body types, taking into account time-tested Ayurvedic principles about fitness and the doshas. 

Moreover, they include different sessions like prep sessions to warm you up before training or grounding sessions to calm you down and ensure your doshas don’t get aggravated by exercising.

Coming soon, you will be able to easily mark it to reflect you are skipping it. This can keep you accountable, but also help you better organize your week.

This upcoming feature is set to become one of our favorite additions to Prana workout experience. Soon, you will have the ability to effortlessly rearrange your workout sessions according to your schedule, empowering you to stay committed and maintain consistency in following your plan.

We offer different workout intensity levels per program, from light to regular to intense.

Refer to our programs to determine which intensity level is the most appropriate for you, your dosha, and age.

Of course. You can do them both at home OR at the gym.

You’ll need basic equipment to complete your fitness sessions, like a set of dumbbells, a yoga mat, a bench, or a booty band, among other simple items. Therefore, you can do them wherever you want.

Yes. As you evolve, you will want to try different programs. Nevertheless, when you fall in love with a specific program you can always repeat it over and over again. In this case, you’ll be basically choosing the same structure and style, but will receive different meal and workout plans every time.