Ayurvedic feast for the holidays

Try this delicious Ayurvedic Feast for the Holidays and impress your loved ones with an Ayurvedic menu that is healthy and so tasty!

Mango and maca bowl recipe

mango and maca bowl recipe

Running out of ideas for a special breakfast? Try this super yummy recipe of Mango and Maca bowl and surprise your family with a vegan and healthy meal!

The benefits of a cacao ceremony

the benefits of a cacao ceremony

Cacao rituals are magical! Here, you’ll find the benefits of a cacao ceremony, the ayurvedic approach and a heart-opening cacao recipe.

Healing your gut with Ayurveda

How to Heal Your Gut with Ayurveda

Healing Your Gut with Ayurveda is a must if you are dealing with digestive issues. Take control of your health with these effective tips.