Remedies to reduce fever

Ayurvedic Remedies to reduce fever

These Ayurvedic-inspired remedies to reduce fever will help you decrease the high body temperature naturally.

DIY Ayurvedic detox face mask

Improve the complexity of your skin and get rid of the impurities with this effective DIY Ayurvedic Detox Face Mask for your dosha.

6 best Ayurveda home remedies for cough

This is a list of the 6 best Ayurveda home remedies for cough. You know what’s funny? You probably don’t have to buy anything. I bet your cupboards already have the stuff you will need to prepare these herbal medicines. If your cough is hanging pretty strong, then for God’s sake try one of the […]

DIY: 2 all-natural lip scrubs

Avoid harsh chemicals on your lips, instead use these DIY: 2 ALL-NATURAL LIP SCRUBS to remove dead cells and make them look beautiful naturally.