Ayurvedic post-workout recipes

Ayurvedic post-workout recipes

These are some yummy Ayurvedic post-workout recipes that can nourish your tissues and calm your nervous system after exercising.

Is it okay to eat leftovers?

is it okay to eat leftovers

Is it okay to eat leftovers? Although eating leftover foods is seen as a grave violation of Ayurvedic wisdom, is it really?

Home remedies for indigestion

ayurvedic remedy for indigestion

These are effective home remedies for indigestion. Learn about the Ayurvedic approach and simple ways to heal an upset stomach.

How to make tofu katsu

how to make tofu katsu

Is tofu too plain for your taste buds? Then learn how to make tofu katsu, the Ayurvedic way! It’s healthy, full of flavor, and super crispy.