Coconut and broccoli soup

Coconut and broccoli soup

Try my delicious and creamy Coconut and Broccoli Soup to brighten any cold winter day! It is yummy and easy to digest. Enjoy!

Healing your gut with Ayurveda

How to Heal Your Gut with Ayurveda

Healing Your Gut with Ayurveda is a must if you are dealing with digestive issues. Take control of your health with these effective tips.

Tofu and mushroom vegan eggs

Tofu and Mushrooms Vegan Eggs

You’ll love this delicious Tofu and Mushroom Vegan Eggs recipe. It is yummy, easy to make, and oh so healthy!

Matcha and coconut oatmeal recipe

matcha and coconut oatmeal

With this glorious Matcha and Coconut Oatmeal recipe you will make sure to start your day off right! It is vegan, easy to prepare, and so amazingly yummy!