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Ayurveda, the oldest healing system in the world, has helped me ease the symptoms of my monthly menses. By following these 8 tips to have painless periods every month, you can finally enjoy every single day of the year!


This may sound cliché, because we have heard the “listen to your body” so many times all around us, it becomes meaningless. While at the same time we are being bombarded with the “no pain, no gain”, “it’s all or nothing”, “go hard or go home” type of  modern philosophies.

Nope! I am not talking about that kind of listening… I am referring to a genuine communication between you and your body, the one that ignores thoughts and relies on emotions and sensations within your physicality to make “data” driven decisions. The best part? The 8 tips to have painless periods really help you make that mind-body connection.

It might be a surprise to you, and I know this because I used to feel kind of numb when it came to recognize my body memos, but your body communicates to you in such a clear way with so many important messages throughout the day, that if you are closely paying attention, moment by moment, you can steer clear of so many pains and unnecessary diseases.

I don’t think you can ever master this. It’s not like a degree title that you’ll eventually get and once is there is there… it’s more like a constant work in progress that requires consistency and self-compassion.

I call this your “inner intelligence”, and the sooner you start the process of getting acquainted with your inner voice, and Prana, the better results you will see in your health and fitness, and also in your mood, mental clarity, energy levels, and your relationships with others.

Your period is in reality your monthly detoxification process


OK, so I got my period this morning. And even though yesterday I had other plans, today is today, and today things have changed. You see, when I started practicing Ayurveda, my view on menstruation became completely different. The 8 tips to have painless periods that I’m about to share with you foster that awareness, moment to moment, to make wiser decisions.

From a negative place…

I really thought that my period was just a displeasure that didn’t allow me to have my normal routine. I really used to hate being in “those days” because it kinda required me to slow it down. And what I did was that for the most part I acted as if it didn’t exist. I ignored it happened, so for instance, I would still go to the gym and have strenuous workouts, regardless of the painful cramps I would have.

To a blessing!

To be honest, I now see my period as a blessing!

First, because it is the process that allows you to get pregnant eventually, to create life. But also because, in Ayurveda, it is believed that this is the time of the month when your body gets rid of toxins and waste product through your period so it is in fact a monthly detoxification process. Think of it as the wisest way your body can give you a monthly maintenance.

Put it  simply, it cleanses and rejuvenates your cervix and vagina EVERY month!! Let me tell you that by following these 8 tips to have painless periods, you will aid your body in making this monthly cleanse instead of being the obstructor of such a wonderful process.


We all learn the basics of the menstruation process in school, but it’s always helpful to remember how it happens. Right

Hormones make the uterine lining or inner layer or your womb thicker during the first half of your cycle to facilitate the process of fertilization by a sperm cell, but if you don’t get pregnant after ovulation, this uterine lining, also referred to as endometrium, will come off and rinse you from the inside out, allowing you to avoid irregular cell growth, AKA, cancer, and also prevents you from getting infections.

So, by understanding this natural process a bit better, and applying Ayurveda’s guidelines, I shifted my perspective and my health goals, specifically during my first day of my monthly menses. Now, I work in conjunction with my body, allowing it to heal, cleanse, and detoxify itself. It is a chance to reconnect to my inner intelligence, to assess how I have been handling my prana and my life, and to meditate. Plus it makes me focus to take my menstruation seriously and follow the 8 tips to have painless periods

It’s the time I now take to deliberately stop multitasking and focus on taking care of myself. So, I didn’t go to the gym, and you know what? I still feel awesome 🙂

These tips will allow you to have also a regular period


Just as I could learn to better tune myself with the signs of my body, so can you! I started by realizing first I had an obsessive, love-hate relationship with the gym. (Remember, you can apply this to any area of your life) It was all or nothing. Ayurveda has helped me, through knowing myself, to be more moderate when it comes to exercise and also by experimenting different things, so for example one day I said: “You know what, my mind wants to workout, but my body doesn’t. I will stay home”

And then, I assessed my levels of energy and my overall state of well-being. I liked how it felt to decrease the pace of my life during my period and not feel guilty about it.


The following are the 8 tips to have painless periods that have as a foundation Ayurvedic principles. This is the plan I suggest you follow to stop cramps and overall feel vitalized and happier.

1. Incorporate a meditation practice within your daily routine.

You can start with as low as 5 minutes. As soon as you wake up, stay lying in bed and focus your energy from the top of your head, going down to your face, neck, shoulders … until you finally get to your feet and toes. Don’t think, just focus on the sensations of your body. Really isolate your attention to each part of your body. Or sit on a meditation pose and concentrate on your breathing. If meditating in the morning is not feasible for you, try RAW or Right After Work meditations. I love them too!

Set a mantra or purpose at the beginning of your meditation. I set the mantra of “I love myself” or “I love taking care of myself

2. Drink lots of water

Help your body detoxify itself by drinking at least ½ gallon of water a day. I bought a couple of these bottles and I love them because they’re so easy to carry and BPA free.

3. Drink warm liquids

Like tea. I love fennel, chamomile, and ginger tea for “those days”. This is wonderful for your Agni, or digestive fire. Try my Amazing Golden Milk. It really helps with cramps and makes your skin super glowing and clean.

4. Eat better than ever!  

Choose nutrient dense foods that are easily digested like oatmeal, sweet potato, quinoa, vegetables, and fruits. Don’t overeat. That way you give your body a chance to concentrate on the so necessary monthly detox instead of digesting a big meal. Try to go for cooked foods since they are easier to digest. Follow my Ayurvedic Food Guidelines to eat the foods that really serve your body constitution and avoid those that foster disease.

5. Avoid Coffee

In Ayurveda coffee is classified as a food of bitter taste. Drinking too much coffee may cause anxiety, dryness, and roughness of your skin. Try teas instead. But again do small changes. Just reducing the intake of coffee to half is a big improvement! I love to have a nice and warm cup of my Golden and Glorious Milk before going to sleep. I love it because it helps me sleep like a baby and reduces cramps!

6. Wear organic pads and tampons

You want your pads and tampons as healthy as possible and prefer the organic options. After all, your skin absorbs everything and the less chemicals you add to your body the better

7. Avoid sugar!!!

Sugar is a huge factor behind inflammation, and you guessed it! It increases cramps. But also it affect so much the acne process that occurs when you have your monthly period. Do your skin a favor, and don’t eat sugar those days.

8 Plan to rest from your regular workout schedule

During at least your first day of menstruation. Create an alternative routine for that day that involves gentle movements from yoga or tai chi. If you don’t feel like it, just walk, outdoors if possible.  I’m not going to lie to you. I always follow these 8 tips during my period and the cramps? Gone forever.

I now know that by incorporating all these amazing 8 tips to have painless periods, I am allowing myself to have a monthly restoration process! Great practices such as meditating, choosing easier exercise routines, having a nourishing diet that is easy to digest, and sleeping well, help me feel better during those days. See? I am making sure that the “normal” menstruation symptoms like breast tenderness, headaches, acne, water retention, cramps, and low energy, DISAPPEAR!!! Seriously.

The truth is that these dreadful menstruation symptoms are not normal. You can avoid them by following these 8 tips to have painless periods. They work like magic! I now feel rejuvenated and energized 24/7 – 365 days a year.

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