Ways to balance your heart chakra


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how to balance heart chakra

The heart chakra or Anahata in Sanskrit is the fourth main energy point in the body.

When it is blocked, our body, emotions, thoughts, and health can suffer. Thereby, learning how to balance this spinning vortex of energy is necessary to have a healthy, fulfilled life.

Let’s discover its power and learn how we can open our hearts to love.

How to Balance Your Heart Chakra

Understanding Anahata

The heart chakra is in the center of the chest, between the three lower body and three upper body chakras.

It’s represented by the green color, which symbolizes transformation, safety, fertility, and harmony. And by a circle with twelve petals or a downward-pointing triangle interlaced with an upward-pointing triangle, forming a six-pointed star or hexagram. The latter represents the sacred union of masculine and feminine energy.

On a physical level, Anahata governs the heart, lungs, thymus gland, and cardiac plexus.

On the emotional realm, this swirling wheel is responsible for making us feel love, compassion, and forgiveness.

However, we often obstruct its natural flow when we stress, are involved in toxic relationships, overstimulate our senses with the news or social media, and spend too much time indoors.

Signs of Imbalance

Feeling constantly angry or jealous?

That could be a sign of a Pitta imbalance, but also an indication that the fourth chakra has a block.

Our heart chakra is associated with the air element. And just like air, when balanced, love can easily flow and connections with others can be cultivated.

However, when out of whack, we can feel hatred.

Loving or letting someone love us gets difficult.

The opposite of love is fear.

But, we often turn that fear, that hurt, that pain in the chest into anger.




Lack of empathy.


Loneliness and isolation.

Those may indicate we feel scared and defenseless and that Anahata is closed.

Opening the heart chakra is key to having a happy life, full of joy, vibrancy, and kindness. This is a task we should all consider, not only for our sake, but also for the ones we share or lives with.

Heart Chakra Meditation

Listen to this powerful meditation to invoke peace and tranquility in times of war, chaos, sadness, and anger. Come back to it whenever you feel your heart chakra is blocked, and you require extra support in finding peace.

Find peace amid the chaos and turmoil of war. Take a moment to breathe, relax, and find solace.

How to Remove the Blockage

There are helpful ways to balance your heart chakra.

Living fully is really putting our hearts at risk every day, which means we all need these tips because honestly, a life without love is very hard to live.

  • Do what makes you feel good. Be with whom makes you feel valued and loved. Spending time with people that evoke love from you is the first step to healing. Love doesn’t necessarily have to come from a romantic partner. If you are single or healing an aching heart, you can still cultivate feelings of love towards others.
  • What could be better than balancing the air element in the heart chakra than breath work? Practice alternate nostril breathing for at least five minutes every day.
  • Eat green foods. Celery, avocados, zucchinis, green apples, kale, and sprouts should be part of your diet.
  • Drink green tea, particularly matcha. Rose, lavender, tulsi (Holy Basil), teas are also wonderful.
  • When cooking, use rose water, cilantro, saffron, and hibiscus.
  • Drinking a Pitta pacifying green juice is an excellent strategy.
  • Color therapy and stone therapy is important. Use the green color to balance Anahata. Crystals like green calcite, jade, and green tourmaline are fantastic to attract love energy. Moreover, use rose quartz! It’s not green, but it’s calming, comforts the heart in times of grief, dispels negativity, and promotes feelings of love and self-love.
  • Yoga, Ayurveda’s sister science, offers poses that open the heart, and bring new energy to the chest area. Practice camel, cat, cobra, eagle, and forward bend poses when working on the heart chakra.
  • Aromatherapy is a very effective strategy. Whether you use candles, essential oils, or incense, choose jasmine, sandalwood, rosewood, pine, rose geranium, spearmint, or bergamot.
  • Buy a plant for your home or office. Take care of her, talk to her, help her grow, give her love.
  • The mantra for the heart chakra is YAM. Repeat it mentally or vocally in your meditation practice.
  • Listen to music at 341.3 Hz OR 528Hz, the frequencies associated with the element of air and the heart chakra, respectively.
  • One of the best ways to balance your heart chakra is by having heart-opening cacao.
  • Fresh air can help restore and bring balance to the fourth chakra. When outside, practice deep breathing exercises.

Other Ways to Balance Your Heart Chakra: Affirmations

In addition, repeat these affirmations.

Write them down if possible. Some might resonate more with you than others.

*I am well

*I am wanted. I am loved.

*I can open my heart easily to love.

*It’s okay to make mistakes, and I learn from them.

*I am grateful for the life I’ve built.

*I forgive myself.

*My heart is open.

*I can feel love within me and around me.

* My heart radiates intense green energy.

*I am worthy of the purest love.

*I love myself with no conditions.

*My heart is free from all past hurt.

*I choose to see myself and others with compassionate and kind eyes.

*There is an infinite supply of love.

Let me know your favorite ways to balance your heart chakra and if there’s any that you feel should make the list!

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