Why You Shouldn’t Weigh Yourself Every Morning

by Monica Gisella
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Scale and happiness don’t go together.

Weighing yourself everyday may seem innocent, but it has several downsides.

Today, I’ll show you why it is not such a good idea and what to replace this habit with instead.

We all have been there. Making our mood dependant on the “magic” number we see on the scale.

For a few months I did it – when I was competing in the category of bikini and I needed to get to 108 pounds of pure muscle- and I felt horrible everytime I didn’t reach my goal. Sometimes, it discouraged me from continue following my plan. Other times, it stressed me and made me over train and/or under eat.

The results were not better anyways.

Then, when I intuitively got closer to a more natural, holistic way of treating my body, I stepped away from the addictive practice of weighing myself so often. Once I stopped, I could better understand the negative effects it had on me and I could establish a better connection to my body that eventually led me to start my own healing process.

I still think your weight serves a purpose, don’t get me wrong. I have my clients provide me with monthly data, which includes their weight, so I can have an overall idea of where they are in terms of their fitness goals.

However, in order for me to design meal plans that adequately fit their unique requirements, I need a better picture of their current situation.

  • Bloating
  • Time of the month
  • Treat meals
  • Intake of water, sodas, alcohol
  • Emotions
  • Sleeping patterns
  • And, very importantly, the way their clothes feel.

Especially when the workout plan is being followed and muscle is being gained, I need a broader perspective as the number on the scale can be deceiving.


This is what I have learned:

Weighing yourself every day disasociates you from your natural instincts.

Instead of basing your health decisions upon the way your body feels, you focus on a number which is meaningless without context. Observing, listening, and understanding your body demands your full attention and presence and requires more that a scale.

It doesn’t accurately measure your progress

Instead of using the scale as a guide of your health or fitness level, take into account:

  • How strong you have become when working out. Are there any more reps you are able to do? Or maybe you are growing more comfortable with heavier weights?
  • Your period. We tend to get bloated around those days.
  • Bloating.
  • Muscle gains.
  • Water retention.
  • Hormonal issues.
  • Medicines.

Plus, use other methods for tracking your progress.

I love using with my clients monthly questionnaires where they document their healing journey. This information is the foundation for our follow up chats which are relevant to my work as an Ayurvedic consultant. And it helps them learn and comprehend more about themselves and their body’s dynamics.

Progress pictures are also a wonderful way to monitor progress. Those could be taken weekly, with the same outfit and background. They are inspirational because they offer a tangible way to appreciate the work you have invested in yourself.

It could lead to self-sabotage

As the number on the scale does not consider the environment, circumstances, and current situation of our body and life, it prompts us to take the wrong action. Eating less or working out for extended periods of time could potentially harm our hormonal balance and deplete our energy -which means weaker workouts!

Not to mention binge eating.

Which could all, eventually, make us gain extra pounds.

Instead, take note of how your clothes feel! Often clients tell me they didn’t lose weight, but their clothes feel less tight. Take that in consideration.

Finally, eat/train for the body you want. With love.

Don’t eat/train for a body you hate.

Change of perspective is all that matters in the path of getting to your desired weight.

P.S. Start eating healthier with my FREE Ayurvedic Meal Plans.

Happy Healing!

Monica Gisella xx

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