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YORKOUT = YOGA + WORKOUT  is the strategic combination of two of the most amazing exercise approaches for your body. With these PHENOMENAL YORKOUT SERIES you will be doing first resistance training and then Yoga. This week, my YORKOUT FOR SHAPED HAMSTRINGS will concentrate on exercises that tone and shape your hamstrings to make your legs look beautiful and then, you will continue with the Yoga portion of the YORKOUT which will help you stretch those hamstring muscles for a faster recovery and overall relaxation!

Tone your legs with this quick Yorkout!


The best part? My YORKOUT FOR SHAPED HAMSTRINGS ends with a meditation that will help you start your day in harmony and peace! See, meditating is well known to produce fantastic results in your body and mind and it’s also a fundamental part in Ayurvedic healing, but sadly, is often neglected for lack of time. For this reason, I have included Meditation and Mantras as an important part of my YORKOUTS.


Keep reading! My YORKOUT FOR SHAPED HAMSTRINGS is really short! This video takes only 15 minutes and you are doing all three (YOGA, WORKING OUT and MEDITATION) in one time! How awesome is that? Start today! Get fit, balanced, and content with this quick but powerful routine!


Here’s how you do it yourself. This YORKOUT FOR SHAPED HAMSTRINGS video is full length which means you just have to follow whatever I’m doing. I don’t take rest between sets but if you are beginning exercising, just stop the video, take a sip of water, and continue when you feel ready. The routine is below and you can print it and take it with you if going outdoors. Most importantly, have fun!


Dumbbells – Easily replaceable for two bottles of water and a Yoga Mat.

I hope you love my YORKOUT FOR SHAPED HAMSTRINGS. Stay tuned every week for a new YORKOUT which will focus on a specific body part. Let me know what you think in the comment section below 🙂

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