Your 10 Minute LEGS and BUTT WORKOUT

by Monica Gisella
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How helpful is to have a simple and short routine to make those buns burn! This one is as simple as it can get and you don’t need any type of equipment for any of the exercises. With this 10- minute workout you will be focusing on your legs and butt to keep them nice and tight.


The Routine

20 Knee to chest kick backs

20 Booty squat pulses

20 Clams

20 Jumping squats

Repeat 2 -3 times.


Knee to chest kick backs: Starting in a table top position, bring your right knee to your chest and then push it to complete a straight kick back. Make that mind-booty connection to feel it in your right glute! After completing all reps, repeat with left knee.

Booty squat pulses: Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Then sit your butt back and sink into a squat. … Stay within that working range, sometimes doing bigger movements and sometimes doing smaller pulses right around the bottom of the squat.

Clams: Lying on your side with with knees and hips bent. Now, raise your top knee, keeping your feet together.

Jumping squats: This is an amazing move to tighten your legs and butt. Just start in a regular squat position engaging your core. Then jump explosively, landing in a squat position to complete one rep.

Up Next: Check my Yorkout (Workout and Yoga) for a bigger booty!

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