Ayurvedic tips for fall: A guide to survive and thrive


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Ayurvedic tips for fall

The astronomical start of fall is at the Autumnal Equinox on Sept. 23, and ends at the Winter solstice, on Dec. 21st.

Autumn is the time to honor the harvest.

Of the things planted in your garden or the harvest of efforts and intentions for your life path that you set earlier in the year.

As the sun begins to sink lower in the sky and the night becomes chilly and dark, the planet — and our bodies — are subject to multiple physical changes.

Since we should adjust our diet and lifestyle at the start of every season, I want to introduce you to effective Ayurvedic Tips for Fall to help you welcome this wonderful time of year.

And provide you with the knowledge you need to survive and thrive in it.

ayurvedic tips for fall
Fall: a striking season representing the harvest time of the year

The elements

A couple of the five elements (ether, air, fire, water, and earth) govern each season.

The beginning of autumn is still dominated by the fire element (Pitta dosha). At this time, it is still recommended to eat fresh, late-summer harvested fruits and vegetables.

If your Vata is high, cook these (i.e., apples, pears, figs, okra) with cooling spices like cardamom, turmeric, mint, dill, and rose petals.

My Warm Ayurvedic Spiced Apples is a good recipe you can try at this time for breakfast.

However, as we transition into the fullness of Fall, ether and air — Vata dosha predominant elements — take a lead role.

Air is active, mobile, and dry.

It represents lightness, motion, breath, oxygen, and our life-force or Prana.

It also symbolizes the feelings of being unearthed, ungrounded, and volatile.

Fall and vata dosha

During fall ether and air are more notorious in the body and the mind.

For instance, if balanced, we might experience intensified creativity and a better temper, compared with summer.

Yet, if we are Vata dosha aggravated or don’t adjust our lifestyle to the new season, we might feel extra anxious and unable to focus.

Insomnia, gas and bloating, lack of commitment, and dryness of the body will become apparent.

Under these circumstances, we might lose weight involuntarily or experience undesired muscle waste.

The foundation of these ayurvedic tips for fall is to follow a basic, simple principle: Like Increases Like & Opposites Create Balance.

We will utilize the opposite attributes of what we are seeing in the outer world (macrocosms) and inside ourselves (microcosms).

Ayurvedic summer protocols for 2023

Download this 30-page guide with protocols for 1 week to welcome fall mindfully.

Reduce the excess air

The purpose of these Ayurvedic Tips for Fall is to help you stay warm, relaxed, and collected during this Vata season.

Our lives go through cycles of growth, harvest, death, and rebirth just as we see in nature.

So, this is the moment to acknowledge growth and expansion as a natural phase of our being and to shift our consciousness from one of lack to one of prosperity and gratitude.

Now, it’s important to invite in abundance, kindheartedness, and deep nourishment through diet and lifestyle. The following are some valuable self-care rituals and strategies that can help you navigate fall more gracefully.

Lifestyle suggestions

Stay warm

  • Practice sun bathing but also favor staying indoors to avoid the wind and cold.
  • Wear comfortable and cozy clothes, making sure your feet never get cold.
  • Use warm colors: reds, fuchsias, yellows, oranges, and whites.
  • Do warm oil enemas.
  • Drink warm cinnamon, fennel or ginger tea.
  • Eat freshly prepared, well-cooked, warm food.

Anoint / consume oils

  • To anoint is to pour and massage your body with oils. Vata dosha is pacified by the application of warm almond or sesame oils.
  • Eat foods that are moistening and nurturing by adding olive oil, avocado oil, or ghee to your recipes.
  • Delight yourself with the aromas of warming essential oils, like lavender or sweet orange.

Deep nourishment

  • At this time, we need a nutritive, strengthening diet with mostly sweet, sour, and salty tastes.
  • Cook with warm spices, such as coriander, cardamom, cinnamon, and ginger.
  • Enhance your digestion with hing (asafoetida), yogurt, and sauerkraut.
  • Avoid cold water.


  • Create a structured daily routine. Try to wake up, eat, and go to bed at the same times every day.
  • Don’t stay up late at night.
  • Avoid overworking and physical hardships.
  • Reduce your exposure to television and social media.
  • Touch the earth with your bare feet.
  • Find magic in sweet music.
  • Invest your time in tactile and soothing practices, like knitting, gardening, painting, coloring mandalas, or cooking.

In addition, readjust and reassess your relationship dynamics. Love must be cultivated as it is the opposite force of the fear and agitation Vata individuals often experience.

Furthermore, practice Pranayama.

Do breathing exercises daily to reduce stress and worry.

Pranayama calms your heart, clears your mind and sense organs, and stabilizes your emotions. Plus, it helps you develop mindfulness and devotion.

Be inspired by autumn!

This season reminds us to celebrate our new cycle of growth.

As the days get shorter and the nights become longer, we get immersed into the blackness of the night, which inevitably makes us face our own darkness.

Do the inner work and confront your ego.

Make space for the birth of the Light within, honored at the winter solstice.

Ayurvedic tips for fall

The right diet

Sun bathing and doing alternate nostril breathing help a lot.

But, you should complement those efforts with a warming, moistening, and grounding anti-Vata dietary program. Favor meals that feel nurturing and heavy.

Further, make sure your diet embraces the principles of patience, regularity, and peace.

To get started, try my FREE anti-Vata meal plan.

Fall detox

Starting this season with a Kitchari cleanse is a wonderful way to purify your body and get rid of the toxins accumulated throughout the year.

It takes you only about 25 minutes to make Kitchari, a very fulfilling dish. The simplicity it adds to your body, by exclusively eating a few easy-to-digest foods, is incredibly healing.

Learn how to cook a Tridoshic Kitchari in the video below to support all your family in this season transition OR cook a Kitchari for your specific dosha.


  • Foods that increase Vata, like dry fruit, broccoli, and dried grains.
  • Raw foods, cold salads, and too many types of foods combined in the same meal.
  • Getting too cold.
  • Eating when nervous, anxious, or afraid.
  • Working out after the Kapha time (6am to 10am).

Grounding fall meditation

Incorporate comforting and tranquil fall meditations into your morning routine. Ideally at sunrise, honor the precious early rays the sun emanates while calling upon relaxation and peace. Breathe deeply and journal your thoughts.

Select a few principles from this Ayurvedic Tips for Fall guide and consistently practice them in the upcoming weeks.

They will help you feel balanced and healthy during this rewarding season.

Happy healing!

Monica Gisella xx

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