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Woman thriving in summer with Ayurveda

The astronomical start of summer is June 21st and ends September 22nd.

During this time, the planet — and our bodies — are subject to multiple physical changes due to the increase in temperature and moisture.

The hot weather and protagonistic role of the fire element make summer the right time to indulge in the thrills that life has to offer and see what the seeds we planted in previous seasons have grown into.

Since we should adjust our diet and lifestyle at the start of every season, I want to introduce you to effective Ayurvedic Tips for Summer to help you welcome this wonderful time of year.

And provide you with the knowledge you need to survive and thrive in it.

ayurvedic tips for spring
Summer: a stunning season that symbolizes prosperity, generosity, and beauty.

The elements

A couple of the five elements (ether, air, fire, water, and earth) govern each season.

In summer, fire and water — Pitta dosha predominant elements — are abundant. They are reflected in the body and the mind. For instance, we tend to experience skin rushes and excessive perspiration. As well as ulcers, exhaustion, and, not uncommonly, feelings of rage and irritability.

During the bright, sunny days we tend to burn out, which aggravates Pitta body types even more.

However, during this time, as the world around us begins to become intensely hot and humid, Kaphas can also notice signs of irritation, unless it is a dry summer season.

Summer and Pitta dosha

The summer solstice marks the beginning of a season filled with beauty and abundance.

After cultivating and working hard in spring, this is the time to take a rest and relish a period of comfortable ease. To fully embrace what we love about life.

While the sun is shining bright and the world is overflowing with indulgence and grace, Pitta dosha can get particularly aggravated.

Physically, the uncomfortable heat leads to red eyes, heartburn, acne, and premature balding. Infections and inflammation problems are also more likely.

Fever, a bitter taste in the mouth, the yellow coloring of urine and stools and a desire for cold things are common.

Mentally, Pittas can get more competitive and aggressive, become controlling, dominating, and impulsive as the body mirrors the macrocosms.

Further, summer can bring loss of strength and difficulty sleeping.

We tend to go through emotional, mental, and physical fieriness during this season. Our body rhythms change. Therefore, we should start by being a little more flexible and gradually let go of what doesn’t serve us. That includes bad foods and agitation. By following these Ayurvedic Tips for Summer, we can avoid aggravating Pitta dosha.

Ayurvedic summer protocols for 2023

Download this 32-page guide with protocols for 1 week to welcome summer mindfully.

Cool down

The purpose of these Ayurvedic Tips for Summer is to help you stay cool, grounded, and relaxed.

Just as refreshing as taking a swim in the cold ocean in a sizzling July afternoon.

It’s important to invite in restraint, coolness, and dryness through diet and lifestyle. The following are some helpful self-care rituals and activities that can help you navigate summer more gracefully.

Reduce the heat. Soak in a pool or the sea. Take cool baths and eat refreshing fruits like watermelon.

Make your life sweeter by spending time with people that bring out the best in you and by smelling balmy fragrances, such as jasmine or sandalwood. Listen to sweet music and make sure your perceptions are coming mostly from Mother Nature.

Practice moon bathing and avoid staying out under the sun for too long. If you must, wear white clothes and protective hats and sunglasses.

Lunar breathing. This is an excellent technique to keep Pitta dosha balanced. Take a few minutes at dawn to practice it for 5-10 minutes, or whenever you feel Pitta is getting out of control.

Invite coolness by wearing soft pastel colors that pacify antagonistic and hostile emotions and by avoiding overworking, overexercising, or overthinking. Instead, take frequent breaks at work or even a nap.

Follow a Pitta dosha diet to soothe the accumulation of fire in your system.

In addition, practice Pranayama.

Do breathing exercises daily to reduce the sensation of burning.

Pranayama calms your heart, clears your mind and sense organs, and stabilizes your emotions. Plus, it helps you develop mindfulness and devotion.

Be inspired by summer!

This season reminds us to celebrate the nourishing light of the Sun, as well as the light that is within each of us, and to observe and connect with the earth. Actually, one of my favorite practices to do in summer is earthing.

I just love feeling the sand or grass under my bare feet for an intense mindful experience.

Ayurvedic tips for Summer

The right diet

Moon bathing and doing alternate nostril breathing help a lot.

But, you should complement those efforts with a refreshing and grounding anti-Pitta dietary program. Favor food that feels cool, yet heavy.

Further, avoid eating when feeling angry or upset.

To get started, try my FREE anti-Pitta meal plan.

Summer detox

Starting this season with a Kitchari cleanse is a wonderful way to purify your body and get rid of the toxins accumulated during winter and spring.

It takes you only about 25 minutes to make Kitchari, a very fulfilling dish. The simplicity it adds to your body, by exclusively eating a few easy-to-digest foods, is incredibly healing.

Other detox protocols that are particularly beneficial for this season are done with fruits.

This tridoshic Kitchari recipe can balance all three doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.


  • Foods that increase Pitta, like garlic, onions, and chili peppers.
  • Overly cooked, fried, and oily food, and spicy meals.
  • Getting sunburn. Protect your skin daily with calming coconut oil.
  • Going to bed late.
  • Working out after the Kapha time (6am to 10am).

Stay hydrated

It’s important to drink cool water to replenish the fluids you lose throughout the day due to the inclement weather.

Add a few organic cucumber slices to your water to increase the fresh and cool attributes your body is lacking. Plus, stay away from alcohol and coffee. If you must drink coffee, add vanilla and cardamom, and a splash of coconut milk.

Calming summer meditation

Incorporate comforting and tranquil summer meditations into your morning routine. Ideally at sunrise, honor the precious early rays the sun emanates while calling upon relaxation and peace. Breathe deeply and journal your thoughts.

Take a few principles from my Ayurvedic Tips for Summer and consistently practice them in the upcoming weeks.

They will help you feel balanced and healthy during this revitalizing season.

Happy healing!

Monica Gisella xx

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